Illaoi the Kraken Priestess Brings the Power of Elder God to League of Legends

League of Legends welcomes another powerful champion who is hazardous with her tentacles. She is dominating in partial battle with her passive skill summoning tentacles to launch attacks from unexpected directions.




Let’s check the spotlight of these skills from Realm Games first:



Prophet of an Elder God:
It is the core and passive skill that summons tentacles at nearby walls to assist attacks and other skills, which can help to make a zone control and multi-direction attacks.
Tentacle Smash:
Deal damage to enemies within a square shape area in the front, an AOE skill.
Harsh Lesson:
Next basic attack is strengthened and all the tentacle around will dash to her target and enemies in-between.


Test of Spirit:
Have Escaped successfully? Not with TEST OF SPIRIT! This skill will not only slow the target, but also bring the tentacles into the enemies’ front. Just don’t get caught by this skill.
Leap of Faith:
Disaster for enemies in melee.

Here is the gameplay video from Brofresco:

Check details here.

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