Chinese LoL Player with No Arm or Leg Still Fighting

Chopstick in his mouth and lying close to the PC, he played League of Legend with great effort. Difficulty is not a word that can describe the hardship in his gameplay, while he chose to face life with kindness and told the world “I can play”!


This is not a text for Peak’s advertisement, it is a real player from China livestreaming his control of the Switf Scout Teemo. Although his awkward control brought Teemo death for many times and failed the game, his effort and optimism earned honor from audience with approximately over 100 thousand people watching it on the first day. With no arm or leg helping to control, the Chopstick Bro bite a chopstick to tap on and push the mouse to control the movement and release the skills, while playing he talked to the audience with a happy and relaxed voice. His display and living attitude won him the title “Chopstick Bro” with the symbolic chopstick in his mouth.



What kind of difficulties could not be overcome regarding Chopstick Bro? Instead of waiting the death, he chose to play for life and boosted many up, My Respect For Chopstick Bro!!!!

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