League of Legends:Zheg5 Duo Top Lane Teams to Try

Author: MMOsite Writer DJWest

With the advent of Relic Shield and Targon’s Brace, many players found themselves wondering why they should bother to have a jungle at all – while not unusual for a new season, there were plenty theorycrafting the idea of a duo top lane that would take advantage of Targon’s ability to share gold and allow two champions to overpower an enemy team that chose to have a Jungler. With Riot also introducing a new mode on the PBE that allows you to put together teams with the composition you have in mind, this is one of the perfect times to try to really shake up the meta. Here are a few ideas for teams to try out in the top lane.

#1. Nocturne & Tryndamere

This team is all about the damage, with a small amount of disabling power to make getting that last hit that much easier. Tryndamere and Nocturne can both hit for hefty damage early game, and both have great survivability with a bit of work. But perhaps the most important factor here is their speed.

The maneuverability of these two champions allows them to tower dive a weakened Nasus without taking significant damage.

Tryndamere’s Spinning Slash and the bonus movement speed from Nocturne’s Duskbringer are impressive, especially early game when your opponents might not have boots. Add in a fear effect and a slow on fleeing enemies, and Tryndamere and Nocturne can keep an enemy locked up for more than long enough to end them.

#2. Nasus & Thresh

Nasus sees a lot of top lane, but even with Targon’s he doesn’t share so well. He needs his Q farmed up, and even a few creeps here and there can make a big difference. That’s why Thresh is such a perfect companion.

Instead of picking up a Shield Relic, consider having Thresh start with an Ancient Coin, or a Spellthief’s Edge if he feels particularly aggressive. Then, with the combined power of two slows, a pull, and an AoE ultimate that’s part slow and part arena trap, and you have a very formidable line.

Even Olaf’s ultimate isn’t enough to escape if you catch him out of position, especially when these two have so many slows and the ability to pull the enemy back when his immunity ends.

Suddenly, any mistake at all  is enough to kill your opponent, or at least force them out of lane. The more farmed Nasus gets, the more potent this combo is, and with Thresh backing you up it may be difficult or even impossible for the enemy to come to the creep line to block Nasus’ farming without facing severe damage. Only the best of sustained melee champions will be able to survive this onslaught, and even a ranged champion may find the long-distance grabs to be too much to handle so long as they are in the right hands.


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