New League of Legends Champion Yasuo Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley


Yasuo, the Unforgiven is the newest champion to be released for League of Legends. He is a melee champion that is classed as both a fighter and an assassin. Yasuo is a samurai warrior who wields a katana as his main weapon. Being that Yasuo is a melee fighter, one might expect him to be pretty beefy but this is not the case. Yasuo is actually very fragile and can be incredibly weak early on. Yasuo’s difficult meter is considered an “8” but that should really be higher. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you won’t be very effective.


Yasuo’s passive is called Way of the Wanderer and is easily his best ability. Some have even called it the strongest passive in the entire game. It’s a two-pronged passive with two features called Resolve and Intent. Intent doubles Yasuo’s critical strike chances but also reduces the damage dealt by his criticals by 10%. This is a small price to pay for double the frequency, though. Just a single Phantom Dancer will give Yasuo a whopping 60% critical chance. Yikes!

This passive would have already been among the best in the game but Riot felt the need to add a second feature to it anyway. At maximum “Flow,” the next time Yasuo would take damage, he converts his Flow into a shield that absorbs a bit of damage. Flow is generated just by moving around and using his other abilities so it is very easy to max out. Oh yeah, and once generated his Flow doesn’t go down until it’s used. His abilities don’t cost any mana or Flow, either. In fact, some abilities will increase his Flow.

Yasuo knocks Shyvana into the air with the whirlwind from Steel Tempest.

Yasuo’s ‘Q’ is Steel Tempest. This is his most important ability outside of his passive and perhaps his ult. You really need to land your Q’s with Yasuo to do well with him. Steel Tempest actually does different things as you continue to cast it. The first time you cast it, Yasuo simply thrusts his sword forward dealing attack damage to enemies in a line up to a range of 475 units (it can also be combined with his dash spell to change the area of effect). The second time you use Steel Tempest, it has the same effect, but if you cast it a third time within the next 10 seconds, a tornado will spew forth from your sword. Any enemies hit with the tornado will be knocked airborne which is an important precursor to Yasuo’s ultimate. This whirlwind attack also has a much longer range, 900 instead of 475.

Steel Tempest is not affected by normal means of cooldown reduction but instead its cooldown gets reduced based on his attack speed. Considering this is Yasuo’s most important ability, you will want to take a point in Steel Tempest first and then level it up as soon as possible.

Wind Wall will block Shyvana’s Flame Breath fireball.

Wind Wall is Yasuo’s ‘W.’ As the name of the ability suggests, Wind Wall creates a wall of wind that will block all incoming enemy projectiles for a short duration. Leveling up Wind Wall will reduce its cooldown and also widen the width of the wall. This is a spell that can either be great or pretty much useless depending on your opponent’s team composition and the context of the game (for example it is very powerful when Yasuo is playing midlane on Summoner’s Rift but not very good for the much faster-paced Dominion games). Wind Wall does require some expert timing but can completely turn the tides of a fight all on its own. Is an enemy Miss Fortune about to pop her ultimate? Wind Wall can completely negate it.

Wind Wall also has an added passive effect of adding to Yasuo’s flow meter whenever he casts Sweeping Blade or Last Breath.

Learn and level up Wind Wall last.

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