League of Legends Zac Tips, Tricks and Strategy Build Guide

This guide shares useful strategy build with you about Zac, such as summoner spells, runes, masteries, abilities, item build. It also analyses the matchups with other champions, pros and cons, jungle strategy and tips of Zac. Check out this article and master Zac!

Zac, the Secret Weapon

1. Summoner Spells
2. Runes
3. Masteries
4. Abilities
5. Items Build
6. Champion Matchups
7. Pros and Cons
8. Basic Jungle Clearing
9. Tips and Tricks For Zac


Summoner Spells

Smite & Flash

Smite Flash

Flash is really good for him with his ult imo, as you can knock up everyone in a team fight with it, including the back line with a simple charged E flash combo.



Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
Greater Seal of Armor 9x Greater Seal of Armor (+1.41 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.15 magic resist per level)
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)


Magic Pen Reds: AP Jungler, you will do more damage to creeps and champions.
Armor seals : Why wouldn't you get these...
Magic resist per level : Don't fight any AP's until later in the game, so standard.
Movement speed quint: Helps his ult and ability to stick to targets as well as be mobile (key to note that it isn't usually worth auto attacking with Zac Late game, as the only damage he does it through his abilities).

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Zac Masteries

Offensive: I take cool down and offense AP masteries to compliment my magic pen runes. Butcher wouldn't really help, as auto's isn't what your damaging the creeps mostly with.
Defensive: Take all minion reduction masteries, as well as tower duction. Grabbing the Juggernaut mastery and defender because they are the best.

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Zac Masteries

*At level 2 grab a point in E if you want to do a level 2 gank early if you see the opportunity*
**Also note to grab E at level 3 if you want to do a level 3 gank instead of just farming, but for me I just love getting level 4 before ganking**
Maxing W for faster clearing and damage in ganks. Max E second for the damage and the Range increase which makes Zac broken as hell. Max Q last because it's Zac's weakest skill.
(Put points into E b4 level 9 is situational. For example, if you just hit level 7, and want to gank, consider leveling up your E for a better gank.

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Item Build

Zac Masteries

My build order in any typical game is machete 5 health pots.
When I go back, I buy boots and a rejuv bead if I can.
You want to get that 10% cooldown reduction asap, so aim for a spectral wraith or kindlegem depending on how much money you have during your backs.
This is where you choose between a sunfire cape or a spirit visage. I actually give my blue buff away as long as my middle didn't die within the 1st 7 minutes of the game (that shouldn't be hard... right....?) but if my AP sucks I take the blue and cap off at 40% cdr with only a kindle. But on the rare occasion that your AP middle is good, just finish the spirit visage before sunfire as you will have a whopping 34% cdr as well as increased healing.
Rushing the sunfire cape as your 2nd/3rd item is really strong, as it does the same if not more damage then a liandry's would on Zac, and it also makes him able to soak up more damage. This is due to the fact Liandry's is % health damage, and early on enemies don't have that much health... Sunfire does more damage without your enemies even building health.
I get ninja tabi or merc treads depending on the team, although I see myself buying ninja tabi 90% of the time. This is because it is 200 gold cheaper, provides cheap early movement speed, and the armor and 10% reduction from all champs and creeps makes his healing more effective. It's even better if they have a AD caster middle and a champion like Vayne or Kog.

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Amumu Amumu: You do more damage than him. Tons of damage > less damage. Difficulty: Easy
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo: Watch out Mundo, Zac goes where HE pleases. RIP MUNDO TRASH TIER CHAMP COMPARED TO ZAC. Difficulty: Easy
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks: He rapes fiddle so hard at level 6. His ult reduces his crowd control from his fear so it doesn't effect him that much at all. GET DUNKED. Difficulty: Easy
Hecarim Hecarim: % health damage too strong. He tends to lack magic resist until late mid game and late game. You will crush him. Difficulty: Easy
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV: This champion is so noob friendly that you can be 3 levels behind and 5k gold behind and still beat anyone in a dual. Why does Riot think this is balanced and OK? Difficulty: Medium
Vi Vi: Rip Riot Nerfed you too hard. Difficulty: Easy
Volibear Volibear: He stacks health, and usually rushes a locket or sunfire. Unless he rushes a spirit visage, you rape him really hard due to the fact he stacks health. Difficulty: Easy
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao: This champion is so noob friendly that you can be 3 levels behind and 5k gold behind and still beat anyone in a dual. Why does Riot think this is balanced and OK? Difficulty: Medium


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Pros and Cons


1. Benefits from health, which is strong in the current meta. Also he is very diverse with his items due to being similar to elise with his % health damage.
2. Does Tons of AoE damage in team fights. You will do 15-25% of all damage in team fights even though you're building tanky as hell.
3. His E is very abusive throughout the game. Mid-late game it's on a 8 second cool down and you can just counter jungle and roam all around the map or just farm to your hearts content.
4. Has a lot of crowd control (mostly slows) with his ult, which makes him hard to escape.
5. His laugh is so overpowered, and you can also laugh while your passive is triggered. You will make your opponents rage when they die after diving you and you get a kill, or they are focusing you in a team fight, and you will ace them.
6. Very strong split pusher. Can put a Heavy single target champion top and make Zac split push and the top roam instead of the jungler roaming and the top lane having to stay top.
7. His ult reduces all CC by 75%, makes it hard to kite him while he ults.



1. None, overpowered abuse while you can!!!

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Basic Jungle Clearing

Clear path 1:
Do wolves > Blue > Red (Doesn't matter if smiteless or not, Zac's % damage in the jungle is op, just like Vi (tehee)).

You will have level 3 then, you can choose to gank or not, leveling up E at level 3. If you want to do the jungle XJ9 style, get a 2nd point into W and farm to level 4, by going to wraiths, to the golems, and then backing if your low. You will then do wolves > wraiths or just wolves depending on what lane you want to gank (pretty much finish your clear path closer to the lane you want to gank, so you don't waste time).

Clear path 2:
Do Wraiths > Red > Blue (same as above)

I only do this path if I get counter jungled, as the cooldown reduction for Zac early game makes him able to sustain in the jungle better and clear faster, as he is a AP caster. After, do wolves > wraiths > golems and back. (you will probably be really low if you do this path, with no health potions left, remember to have at least one in your inventory!)

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Tips and Tricks for Zac

  • 1. Make sure to move in between spell casts. Your damage comes from your abilities, not your auto attacks. I have had plenty of times when I started playing Zac that the enemy lived because I wasn't in range for a W, Q, or even a E. It is good though to auto as it adds a bit of extra damage.
  • 2. Abuse your E range as much as possible. Zac can easily pressure lanes and steal buffs due to this. Also it is a knock back, so if your in melee range of a target, feel free to double tap it to mini stun a enemy or even enemies if they are grouped.
  • 3. Even though I don't see me doing this often, nor have I even done it, you can smite steal while E'ing with Zac, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGpqKrs0Bx4&feature=youtu.be
  • 4. Your basic combo for initiating a fight is a charged E, W, Ult and then casting the rest of your abilities. The reason I cast W before ulting, is that your ult will knock everyone back, so you won't damage everyone you mini stunned.
  • 5. Just like the champion spotlight, use Zac's E to go over walls to gank. This will catch people off guard, as not many champions can do this. (Watch the Zac champion spotlight to get what I mean by that at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr8kHe4vqZQ)
  • When killing creeps, try to pick up the blobs at the last possible moment, as your abilities do damage based on your CURRENT health, and not your max. This mean if you use abilities when you're lower health, they will cost less, and you will end up with more health between each camp.
  • 6. Remember that your ult gives a movement speed buff. After the final bounce, He will get a 50% movement speed buff that is quite noticeable. Do keep this in mind when using his ult.
  • 7. As long as you can pick up the blobs safely, keep spamming your abilities, as long as you are not 100% health, you will always gain more health when using your abilties.
  • 8. You won't get a blob piece to fall out of you if you don't hit an enemy with your abilities when you cast them. It is a similar mechanic to Rengar's W (battle roar).
  • 9. Your E channels towards the direction of your mouse, if you a move anywhere, it will cancel it. Try to hold your movement comments while channeling it, as you don't want to cancel it during a critical fight.
  • 10. Use your E to travel faster. As long as you let go as soon as it hits max distance, you will go faster then just moving. This makes Zac a very mobile champion!

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Credits: XJ9

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