League of Legends Quinn's Strategies and Build Guide

Quinn, Demacia's Wings

1. Summoner Spells
2. Runes
3. Masteries
4. Abilities
5. Items Build
6. Pros and Cons
7. Good Laning Partners/Good Against
8. Early Game
9. Mid game
10. Late game
11. When To Use Bird Form
12. Champion Matchups


Summoner Spells

Ingite Flash or Barrier Flash or Cleanse Flash

I recommend as a starting out Quinn player taking Flash/Ignite as Quinn is best played as a burst ADC.
Try Flash Ignite first to get used to her damage and pick up kills. Once you are accustomed to how much damage she does, take flash barrier.
Barrier is also the most common choice among ADC's today because of its offensive AND defensive uses.
Be careful of using Ignite against barrier as it can bait you into certain death.
Some people prefer Barrier or Cleanse. It really depends on your play style. If you find yourself losing alot of trades due to the timing of exhaust and other cc, then I recommend Cleanse. But try Ignite first. Barrier second.
It also depends alot on their bot lane comp. Lots of cc? Maybe cleanse. Their ad carry typically goes cleanse? Maybe go barrier. Don't just pick blindly.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed 3x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+2% Lifesteal)
Greater Seal of Armor 9x Greater Seal of Armor (+1.41 armor)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.15 magic resist per level)
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 1x Greater Mark of Critical Chance (+0.93% critical chance)


I recommend going lifesteal on quinn as opposed to all AD. Why? Because if you spend 800 gold on Vamp scepter it makes her far too weak than just building straight into IE. Trust me. Build straight damage.

I also go magic resist per level UNLESS you are going against a magic heavy bot lane aka (Tristana Leona).

I prefer scaling magic resist 80% of the time because unless they have a ton of magic damage, it is more useful than flat.

If their Mid is fed and you go flat magic resist, you will take ridiculous damage until you get your defensive item. So be careful.

Feel free to swap the Armor pen for Attack damage if you need help last hitting. But I prefer more damage mid late game to shred tanks.

The trend is to take 1% crit for that X factor in critting early game.

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Quinn Masteries

This is the mastery setup for Barrier Flash or Cleanse Flash Quinn that I play nowadays.
For Ingite Flash Quinn, use standard 21-9 masteries with 2 points in butcher and 1 in ignite mastery. Also take frenzy and lethality. I usually don't take points in havoc if I am going ignite.

I put 2 points in Butcher because of the lifesteal quints I have reduced damage and helps me last hit. And the extra attack speed also helps more early game with last hitting. Harrier will also let you last hit.

Also it is optional but put 1 point into barrier mastery. 1.5 magic resist or 20hp in barrier is up to you. Either one might save your life.

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Quinn Masteries

I've seen some guys alternating for second level up between vault and senses. I've seen a pro build go straight heightened senses second. Some people max E first.

One of Quinn's advantages is her flexibility.

Your build can vary depending on what you need.

Q is good for waveclearing. E is useful for catching up to people/for escapes. W is good for kiting and atkspd and movement in a teamfight.

My opinion:

With 1 point in W you get 20% atk spd and 20 movespeed. Thats alot. You only get a 5/10 increase with each level up. In bird form you get a large melee increase which you shouldn't even be using much.

With E you get 12-8 second cooldown. Extra passive proc, 40-160 damage on human form AND bird form AND it scales with AD. It interrupts channels, jumps, and anything it hits with a 750 range. Not even mentioning it's slow and escape utility.

W scales best late game when you have more items. E is better midgame because E will get you out of positioning mistakes and make big plays for you or your team.

I recommend leveling E second. Why? Because your ultimate does not refresh your cooldowns on your abilities!

E is your escape/slight damage/chase skill and you need as much reduced cooldown as possible. This also helps you in your hawk form when you use it cause they share the same cooldown.

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Item Build

Zac Masteries

1. Start Doran's Blade - you have lifesteal and on hit sustain. Don't take more than half damage early trading or you WILL lose lane.

2. Infinity Edge - Why take IE instead of BT? You have lifesteal. I have done numerous tests and building BT or BOTRK first(especially Botrk) on quinn makes her WAY too weak. Quinn does poorly in sustained teamfights and IE does ALOT more damage. Trust me. Try this build. You will be amazed.

2.5 Berserker's Greaves - get these in between IE whenever you have spare money and not enough for IE parts.

3. Statikk Shiv - It does magic damage and procs crit. It also builds up with movement. Things quinn specializes in (movement). it also helps clear waves. With her bird combo it does extra burst damage. Burst damage greater than PD and much cheaper. Buy first. Then . Having 100 extra gold is not worth losing a teamfight. Her Vault helps proc the passive on the Shiv much faster than a normal ADC. This item was made for her.

4. Last Whisper - If their team is tanky, rush this 3rd. Always buy a LW, whether 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

5. Blade of the Ruined King - If they are squishy, get this third or 4th. It is better than BT because it does more damage to large health targets and doesn't require charging and its active is amazing for kiting/dueling. Also at this point in the midgame you will be staying with your team at most points and not backing as often. You will possibly be able to buy this all in one shot if you are lucky. or Bilge > BoTRK.
If you forget to use actives buy a BT, you are wasting money.

5.2 The Bloodthirster - Buy this if you are winning midgame as a 4th item and want to crush them. A BT specializes in fighting squisheys that deal alot of damage. It also has higher sustain against them and upfront damage. The reason is the flat sustain and upfront damage is significantly higher than BOTRK. If you want burst damage, BT is the way to go. If you are stomping, buy a BF --> BT straight up because of the extra damage spike.

6. Buy a defensive item:

  • A. Warmog's Armor If you can sustain during a teamfight and stay in the fight. Warmogs is less popular nowadays due to the nerfs and the added costs.
  • B. Quicksilver Sash If you are dying because of the CC that hinders your ability to avoid damage. (Also special deadly deadly ults Malzahar, Warwick, Mordekaiser)
  • C. Guardian Angel 1. If you are taking unavoidable damage you will die anyway (lategame karthus) 2. Your team is full of tanks and you are dying long before them and the team fight is a bunch of bruisers bitch slapping each other. (Chogath, Malphite, Singed, etc)
  • D. Randuins Omen.png Are they AD Divey autoattackers that are fed? (Aka Master yi, Tryndamere, Nocturne, ADC) Then buy randiuns. It is also a very viable item and helps you "Self" peel.
  • E. Banshee's Veil Get this if you are getting flash initiated by people like (Skarner, Malphite, Sejuani, Leona, Etc). Prevention is the best medicine.
  • F. Frozen Mallet I'm not a big fan of frozen mallet, but some people swear by it. Use this if you need to kite and peel for yourself. And you need a little more hp.
6.2 Your team is fed and their tanks don't hurt you? Fuck it, just build more damage.

7. Buy a last item (Instead of a defense item)
I recommend buying a defensive item, but if you want more damage..
Trinity Force - With the added Ap ratio to Q(Upcoming) everything is put to good use on quinn. It's like a buffalo and you're using all of the parts. Kite, fight, splitpush, Fly like a boss. Get this and you are unstoppable. Tons of Damage.


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Pros and Cons


- Great burst damage with harrier proc
- 1 of the few champions with AOE blind
- Amazing chasing ability
- Good at splitpushing
- Good at 1vs1 dueling
- Useful early, mid, late game
- Slow + Gapcloser has an amazingly long range (750)
- Harrier proc is great for chasing enemies through bushes
- Scouting ability


- Low auto attack range (Easily poked in lane)
- Harrier proc is glitchy and sometimes doesn't release on AA
- Q can be easily missed or blocked
- E can be easily predicted for enemy skill shots
- Ultimate is often useless in team fights
- Escape requires you to move towards the enemy
- Laning phase is MUCH weaker without an aggressive support

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Good Laning Partners / Good Against

Quinn works well with Aggressive supports such as Alistar Taric Blitzcrank Thresh Leona Pantheon / Elise Zyra Lux Kayle Sona or AP Janna (max W first)

Quinn works poorly with low dmg/low cc supports as Soraka Janna Nidalee Nunu Zilean

Quinn is best against squishy supports such as Sona Janna Nami Soraka

Quinn gets smashed by supports such as Thresh Leona

Because they position themselves behind her and gives bad positioning for her E.

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Early Game

You want to start early game farm and not be too aggressive but trade with the support if they come in to harass, harrier will mark them instantly double tap them twice for some nice damage.

I recommend rushing a B.F. Sword as soon as possible even without potions as you have the lifesteal quints will help you sustain even coming back to lane without potions.

If you are behind, buy another Doran's Blade.

Don't be afraid to initiate for your jungler with E if your support is too much of a pussy.

Your ideal combo will go Marked harrier Auto -> E -> auto -> Move into position -> then Q -> Auto Auto

Use your Q defensively if they are aggressive and poking you. You will most likely win trades if they are attacking you through creep line.

You wanna start working towards your Infinity Edge getting Berserker's Greaves anywhere in between.

Also consider getting a Elixir of Fortitude if they are constantly All In'ing you as soon as you get back to lane and you have the spare cash between IE.

When mid games transitions you should be working towards your Statikk Shiv.

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Mid Game

This is where you start to shine.

1. Are you ahead/have some kills? (Infinity Edge Statikk Shiv)---> Do apeshit damage and go hero mode
2. Are you behind and do medium/lower damage than normal to tanks?(+1 Doran's Blade B.F. Sword Pickaxe Cloak of Agility )? ---> Stay behind your team and auto attack those that are out of position and try to pick up some kills to get yourself back in the game.

Teamfights is where you start to shine.

During a teamfight try to proc your harrier passive for the extra attack speed bonus.

Focus tanks if they are doing too much damage to you to ignore. Harriered tank will take lots of damage.
If their tanks are strong and there are more than one rush Last Whisper as a third core item.
If their team mainly consists of squishys buy Blade of the Ruined King or The Bloodthirster for the extra sustain in a teamfight.

Save E or R OR E/R Vault THEN bird to run away if you get jumped on.

Use your bird form combo to chase down stragglers but if you used E(Vault) during the teamfight, CHECK YOUR COOLDOWNS as the bird form E will probably not be up for a couple of seconds.

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Late Game

You should have you 4 main core items of IE, SHIV, LW, BOTRK/BT + Defensive item or Last item(Trinity)

If you want the extra damage I recommend Trinity Force as it gives extra kiting killing potential.

Update: (Now with the buff .05AP ratio to her Q)

Makes trinity force as a last item even more viable.

DO NOT DIVE IN THE FIGHT AS BIRD FORM. Even in mid game you will get insta gibbed unless you are super fed.

Use bird form late game either to:

1. Run away and join the fight in a safer position (Exit out of bird form EVEN if you hit NOTHING) start autoattacking from a safe position!
2. Clean up the end of a team fight to chase the scattered team
3. To 1vs1 someone out of position. (You can 1vs1 almost anyone in the game except for a fed AP mid).

For The Late Late Game

If your game goes 45+ minutes, do one or many of the following:
1. Sell your Statikk Shiv for a Phantom Dancer. PD has much higher scaling lategame stats.

2. Get a Blade of the Ruined King instead of a The Bloodthirster (If you did). Botrk scales late game with % health.

3. Buy a Guardian Angel (The next teamfight might decide it all)

4. Sell the Guardian Angel after you use it (and buy another defense item after the charge is used)

I like Banshee's Veil because one snare or cc might decide it all.

5. Consider selling your boots for Zephyr (I am not a big fan of selling boots, as I feel more comfortable with boots)

6. Stock up on potions and let your team take the farm if you have full build.

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When To Use Bird Form

Bird form CD has been lowered so that your ult at 11/16 will most likely be up all the time instead of the past where it was always down. Use your Bird form in these kinds of situations. 1. Chasing an enemy when you know there are not too many enemies nearby 2. Running away from an enemy (Use E to dash to minions) 3. 1vs1ing an enemy that you know you can kill in LESS THAN 5 seconds. You want to EXECUTE someone with your skystrike as it does more damage based off the health the enemy is missing. 4. Getting to a team fight when you are pushing out a lane. (Assess the situation if you should go into the fight as bird form) Quinn is one of the few ADC's that can splitpush bot and make it to a fight on time. 5. Splitpushing (Taking towers with the extra attack speed)

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Try this guide, and change and try to adapt what you like to your own playstyle. Don't let the community tell you what is good or bad. Decide for yourself.

Credits: Tamnier

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