League of Legends Basic Terminology for Beginners

This article is mainly for beginners. It helps people better understand how the game itself works, and what champion types do, and how to do it.

There are really 5 basic types of champions, it can be disputed of course but they are in no particular order.

AD Carry
AP Carry

Definition of an AD Carry
- These champions are based off auto attacking. They deal the vast majority of their damage through their basic attacks.
- These champions are found in the bottom lane for the most part but sometimes a Bruiser and the AD / Support will swap top and bottom lane to give the other team some confusion and this is often done to counter a strong enemy bruiser.
- Support champions often accompany AD carries to help them farm and protect them.

Definition of an AP carry:
- These champions are focused around dealing magic damage which is based on "Ability Power" for how much extra damage they'll deal. They focus on casting spells for their damage output versus auto attacking.
- These champions predominantly play middle lane as it's the safest lane to play in game as it's the hardest lane to gank. Often these champions need a lot of farm so they can carry hence them soloing middle lane to get as much farm as possible.
- Some of these champions can also be played top lane but for the most part they will be middle lane.

Definition of a support:
- A champion who often duo lanes bottom with a ranged AD carry who helps protect allied champions, zone enemy champions in the laning phase, or provides team utility later in the game.
- These champions get gold per 10 items to make their gold as they won't be taking any gold from last hitting minions as their job is to make sure their AD carry gets farmed.
- Supports will be buying the most wards for the team and will often carry the summoner spell Clairvoyance for added vision across the map.
- Some of these champions are also quite good at roaming and will often leave the AD carry alone to roam the map and gank.

Definition of a bruiser:
- Often a tanky champion who can absorb a lot of punishment but also dish out a lot of damage.
- A champion with high survivability who's also a melee champion. (Nidalee is the exception as she's hybrid)
- Bruisers often solo top as they have high survivability and top lane is the easiest lane to die in. These champions can also be played middle lane or even sent to 2 v 1 bot when running different strategies but predominantly they will be top lane.
- Champions like Wukong, Talon and a few others can be played mid lane and completely counter a lot of enemy AP carries. Bruisers can be played mid from time to time and should be considered when looking at the bruiser tier list.

Definition of a Jungler:
- These champions kill neutral monsters in the "jungle" to get their experience and gold.
- They're able to clear the jungle camps quickly and safely.
- They work on ganking lanes to help their carries get farmed.
- Junglers work on controlling the jungle through counter jungling the enemy and controlling large objective like Dragon and Baron.

More need to know terminology

Last Hitting:

Last hitting is where you wait until the minion/creep is on really low health and then kill it. This gives you the gold from killing the minion but also does not push the lane. (Remember support you don't take these but you can weaken the minions for the carries, otherwise you will have a very angry carry).


Ganking can be done by anyone, not just the jungler. This is where another champion from a different lanes comes to your lane for an ambush. This helps the lane push, as well as get kills for the team.

Turret Diving:

Turret diving is where you/your team attack an enemy that is next to one of their turrets, with the aim of killing the target quickly enough so they dont get killed by the turret.

The Jungle:
Buff Monsters explained
"Blue" refers to the Ancient Golem and "Red" refers to the Lizard Elder monster and their corresponding buffs.
After initial clears Blue is commonly given to the AP Carry (generally mid) while Red is either kept by the jungler or in some cases given to the AD Carry (usually bot) but it is much more negotiable.

"Timers" normally refer to the respawn time it takes for Jungle camps to respawn, although sometimes it means the duration remaining on wards. Some supports like to keep track of this but it is helpful if anyone at all keeps tabs on this. It is helpful for counter jungling and general map control.

On Counterjungling: it is a common tactic that when counterjungling the enemy you leave a single monster left in each camp alive, as the timer does not reset until the full camp is cleared. With Blue/Red you normally leave a single lizard, with Wolves/Wraiths/Golems, leave one of the smallest variety.

Respawn times: (please edit these if these are outdated, I haven't kept up to date on these)
Baron Nashor: 7 Minutes, Dragon: 6 Minutes, Blue/Red: 5 minutes,
Wolves/Golems: 1 minute, Wraiths: 50 seconds.
Inhibitors: 5 minutes

Missing Lanes: When opponents leave a lane, team members commonly call this out to their allies. Normally it is as simple as: "(lane) mia/mis/ss" all of which mean the same thing. Sometimes people will use shorthand of a specific champion if they are increasingly dangerous after going missing, so know your allies match ups.

On Last-Hitting: It is important in the process of "freezing" a lane, which depending on the context can either refer to solely last hitting to prevent overextending and might also include personally taking hits from minions to prevent damage dealt to and by (to keep your enemy overextended) your turret.

Overextending: If you push a lane too much (you use various AoEs, constantly auto attack minions) you may have caused yourself to overextend. This is a term referring to when you are a dangerous distance away from safety (normally a turret). Without a ward (or even sometimes with one) you are liable to get ganked. If you find yourself overextending, attempt to reset the lane

Resetting the Lane: Either performed to prevent overextending, or done when an opponent has recently left/died, you can rapidly push a lane until the minions reach the tower, and then fall back. Doing so will kill all of your minions, causing the lane to be pushed back or "reset" more towards the middle. Doing such when your opponent is missing will deny them the experience granted upon minion death. Because of this it is sometimes performed by a jungler after a successful gank, if their team mate in lane died or had to leave.

Credits to: Force Strategy Gaming

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