Quinn's Champion Matchups Guide


Quinn's Champion Matchups

Ashe Caitlyn Corki Draven Ezreal Graves Jayce Kog'Maw Miss Fortune Sivir Tristana Twitch Urgot Varus Vayne


Ashe - Difficulty: Easy

Ashe is an easy lane to play against.
She will take defensive summoners such as
#1 most likely Flash Barrier or Flash Cleanse
Flash Ghost is least likely but still possible.

Just be careful of her level 1 cheese. She will hide in the bush level 1 or try to run up to you and Auto + volley you. This can 100/0 you if you or your retarded support are not careful.

Be VERY careful going to lane.

She outranges you by alot so be careful of being kited too much and going in too deep. Always keep her ult into account when going all in.
It's obvious but hide behind minions or your support to avoid her volley.
You will simply do too much burst too her for her to deal with. The only way she can possibly break even in a normal start in this lane is if she has sustain on her support.
Pick an aggressive support but be careful of jungler ganks as you will be drawing alot of attention to your lane.

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Caitlyn - Difficulty: Hard

Caitlyn is the #1 most common pick to see in ranked games.
She will go Flash Barrier or Flash Cleanse 90% of the time.

Playing aggressive early against cait is a big mistake. I recommend playing safe csing and buying an extra Doran's Blade for sustain. Also a sustain support against a caitlyn is also useful.

Caitlyn simply outranges quinn by alot. It depends on the matchup of course but a good caitlyn will beat quinn.
On the other hand, not alot of people play quinn, if you are skilled at her, and the caitlyn is average, you will crush her mercilessly. Trust me.

Don't let her auto you everytime you try to cs. Watch when the Caitlyn comes to auto you(usually with her passive) and get in line for a Q auto auto. You might not win the trade, but you will break even at early levels.
Try to bait out her summoners with your burst combo and the exhaust of their support before you go all in. Her kiting ability is deceptive especially with your Auto range gap.
She will escape alot of deaths so be wary of going all in.
Careful of vaulting onto her, She will Q your Vault easily if she is smart. (usually not)
Try to rush B.F. Sword (difficult, but if you do you can outtrade/push her out of lane with your superior damage)
Or get another dorans for sustain.
Have your support clear traps whenever possible or you will probably hit one at the end of a fight and die.
Take a look at the situation and practice this matchup. You will see it often.

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Corki - Difficulty: Medium

Medium to easy.
Haven't seen too many corkis nowadays but he is a shell of his former self and easily out traded by quinn.
He was nerfed heavily at the end of season 2 and has been slightly buffed over the last couple of patches. He has not seen recent play in a long time.
Corki is a mana hog, so early levels try to bait out his spells and then sustain back up by autoattacking creeps.
Then trade when he is low on mana.
His cooldown on his escape is ridiculously long now.
He does not rely on auto attack damage as much as the other ADCS so be careful when trading with him.
Just don't fly bird form into his Gatling gun. Please.

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Draven - Difficulty: Hard

Will probably take Flash Barrier or Flash Cleanse or even Flash Flash
Draven is a HARD matchup. When Quinn E's he can E her and knock her away and slow her. And he does as much or more damage in a trade. (usually more)
Don't fight him unless you can line up a Q or you WILL lose the trade. Try to E him while his axe is in the air to make him miss it. He will lose alot of mana early game.
Technically "you should" be able to win this matchup because your Q can blind him during trades.
Unless you are really good at hitting your Q's, I wouldn't bet too much on that. His Q damage is just way too high early game.
I recommend playing it safe.
If he has a aggressive support and you have a passive support try to farm with Q and stay out of range. (This is a really bad scenario for you)
If they take tower early, defensively freeze the lane, free farm, and join the team fight using bird form. Have your support ward the surrounding area and support your other lanes.

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Ezreal - Difficulty: Medium

(Blue) Ezreal is probably the 2nd-3rd most common Ranked pick.

He will take
1. Flash Barrier 80%
2. Flash Cleanse 10%
3. Flash Flash 10% in season 2 this was popular but less so now with shift in meta.

Fortunately, ezreal is not strong as he used to be due to 2 reasons.
1. The removal on his W attack speed debuff.
2. The nerfs on his ultimate (the damage reduction on multiple hits)

I'd say ezreal is a medium matchup in lane. Hard late game. (Blue Ezreal)
Ezreal is really annoying as he is hard to pin down due to his arcane shift and kiting ability. It is very hard to pickup kills against ezreal, which lowers your chances of snowballing hard against the lane.
Quinn and ezreal are equal due to their Q's being blocked by minions.
That is why champs like MF or tristana will always beat them in trades with target-able skills.
If you fight in a creep wave you will win due to harrier proc. Neither of you will be able to hit each other with Q's.
Fight like this *Passive proc* auto auto E then auto him* again. You will win the trade as he won't use his E and he can't hit you with his Q in a creep wave.
Quinn can setup her combo on ez and ez is pretty squishy. just harass him when your passive is up and you can burst him.
Be careful of going all in as he can kite you from long range with Q.

Here are some tips against blue ezreal:
When he gets his tear of the goddess he is weakest and easiest to trade with as he spent 700 gold on mana instead of damage. Take advantage of it.
Midgame if you get hit by his ulti with muramana it WILL a large chunk of hp and knock you out of the fight.
Avoid his damage when a teamfight starts as thats when he will be strongest (burning through his mana)
All his abilities have a significantly reduced CDR due to this build. His ulti will be up much faster than normal, his arcane shift will probably have around 4-5 second CD after level 9 or 10.
He can not be bursted down easily with bird form because he will have built a frozen gauntlet for armor. This makes your job very difficult as he can kite you around and you cannot instantly burst him without him arcane shifting.
You can 1vs1 him easy when he is 1/3rd mana or low on mana as it drastically reduces his fighting power. New blue ezreals won't manage their mana properly and will empty their mana fast.

Advanced tactic:
Wait for him as he is just about to E (Arcane shift) and you will follow him over walls for the kill similar to Maokai when you Vault.

Graves - Difficulty: Medium

Graves is not as popular as he used to be nowadays. But, he will take
1. Flash Barrier 60%
2. Flash Flash 30%
3. Flash Cleanse 10%
Quinn's and Graves Auto range is both short so it's a skill matchup.
If you use your vault too carelessly, you will eat a buckshot and a collateral damage in the face and die instantly. Same with bird form.
If he uses buckshot to farm then it is a good time to trade with him as he has no other damage spells.
Position yourself and Q + auto auto him for trades. Wait until he quickdraws then Q him to blind him during his strongest point.
Be careful as he is deceptively tanky.

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Jayce - Difficulty: Easy

I haven't played against too many jayce ADC's but the way I play it in my mind is he would all in with his hammer form and you should save your E to vault away and auto him to death while he stands there for 3 seconds in melee form.
Just don't get poked down before the fight and it should be an easy fight.

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Kog'Maw - Difficulty: Medium

Rather uncommon pick due to the lack of teamwork and peeling in solo queue, Kogmaw will run defensive summoners Flash Cleanse or Flash Barrier

I would put kogmaw as a easy to medium skill matchup depending on the skill level of the kogmaw. Kogmaw is immobile but does a ton of damage. If quinn can get her burst in she can easily burst him down, but she will get outranged a ton by his ult and his W after awhile so be aggressive early. Don't take too much poke. He is good at whittling down opponents with his range.

I recommend taking Flash Barrier against kogmaw. It may save your life from an Icathian surprise.

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Miss Fortune - Difficulty: Medium

Miss fortune is probably the 4th most commonly picked ADC in ranked. She will go Flash Barrier / Flash Flash or even Flash Cleanse
Miss fortune is a lane bully much like caitlyn.
Miss fortune is tough because she is tanky and has lots of burst. She can outtrade you and outranges you. Most of her skills are targetable so she can outtrade you in a creep wave (with you being unable to hit your Q)
Unless you are trading, her strut is too fast to free hit her with your Q. Your Q comes out pretty slow.
Try not to lose too hard and if you can, aim for a squishier support to burst.
If she is with an aggressive support bide your time for trades. If she wastes her abilities to harass or poke or on your support, then trade with her while her cooldowns are down.
Ask for a jungler gank as she has no escape whatsoever and is easily ganked. Vault to her to knock down her strut if your support is too dumb to initiate.
Use bird form to escape her ult with your increased movement speed.
Play this lane with caution, but you can win if you play it smart.
Tip: MF is easy to dive in bird form and assassinate as she has no CC or dash. Just make sure her ult is down and you can survive her Q and you can E/Q blind her and pick up an easy kill.

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Sivir - Difficulty: Easy

Will probably take Flash Barrier or Flash Flash maybe even since her range is so low anyways.
Easy. Sivir is one of the few champions Quinn out ranges. Careful of vaulting into her as she can line up one of her boomerangs. Don't mind using her spell shield on your E as it will still mark her with your passive and E doesn't do a ton of damage anyways.

Be careful of losing trades early with sivir. If you lose, you will NOT get away from her. Her passive and her ult makes her way too fast.
Sivir is moderately strong early then turns into a beast midgame. She falls off lategame NOT due to her damage, but due to her lack of range (500ish) lowering her viability in lategame teamfights.
Be careful of fighting her midgame. She can literally 3vs1.

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Tristana - Difficulty: Hard

#2-3 most common pick in Ranked. with MF Flash Flash     Flash Barrier
Are most common on tristana. If she has ignite play laning phase with extreme caution.
I think tristana early game beats quinn. She outranges you and You have to have a little time and space to setup your combo where as trist can burst all at once and hit all her buttons.
If she jumps you, instantly Q her to lower her burst damage.
Play it safe to late early - midgame where she starts to drop off and push her out of lane.
Be careful of her with taric leona. You will probably lose this lane early.
So play it safe. Consider using flat MR if you have trouble laning against her.
Tip: Most of tristana's abilities have long cooldowns compared to most ADCS. If she harasses you with E, Trade with her as she has no other abilities unless she wants to go all-in with W.

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Twitch - Difficulty: Easy

Will probably take Flash Barrier
You will win this lane if they have a support with low or non cc. If you have an aggressive support, twitch has no mobility outside of his stealth. You will easily zone him out of a fight if you focus him.
But if they have a support that allows twitch to put down stacks before the fight starts then trading will be very difficult.
Twitch is a very easy lane to gank as he has no escapes other than his stealth.
I recommend lulu as a support as he can't stealth away.
Buy a invis ward if you have to or tell your support to. Don't let free kills get away.

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Urgot - Difficulty: Hard

A good urgot is rare to play against, but even mediocre urgots will give you severe headaches in lane.
Before you panic, gauge the amount of times he hits you with his ability locked on.

If its 1 or less = He's bad
If it's 1-2 = He's average
If it's 3 = Panic

He's tanky and not easily bursted down. Doesn't rely on autoattacks so Q doesn't work well on him and he reduces your damage.
Play it safe and wait for your jungler. Hug your tower and wait for THEM to make a mistake. If their jungler comes to gank abandon your tower if you need to.
Defensively Freeze lane and join the fight in bird form.
Tip: Rare but, If they pick Urgot Soraka lane and you have no sustain support, just save yourself the trouble and DODGE.

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Varus - Difficulty: Medium

Will probably take Flash Barrier or Flash Cleanse as he has no natural escapes.
Medium to hard difficulty in lane.
I honestly think varus is overrated in solo ranked. He does well with coordinated teams and in lane, but awful in solo queue as he has no escapes whatsoever.
Skill matchup. Not too much to say about this matchup, varus is tanky and does alot of damage, but he is rather immobile. He has trouble dodging your Q, so I'd say this matchup is about 50/50.
Run back and forth between minions while he's charging his Q. Even if he hits you it'll do reduced damage.
Coordinate with your junglers for easy kills.
Be careful when trading, most people don't take into account varus's ult when he initiates for the jungler.

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Vayne - Difficulty: Medium

Around 4th most common pick for ADC, he will take
1. Flash Cleanse 70%
2. Flash Barrier 30%

Easy in Lane. Quinn simply does a ton of burst damage early on and will destroy vayne in lane. Vayne relies on Auto attacks for damage and quinn can blind. Be careful tho, if you miss you're blind you're in big trouble.
Vayne is a medium because if you play safe and are afraid of feeding her she free farms, but if you play too aggressive and the jungler ganks she gets free kills. It's a lose lose situation. Try to deny her as much as possible without dying and you will crush her midgame.
Tips: Don't push her too hard too tower as she can easily last hit with Auto + Tumble and free farm and wait for ganks.
Vayne has good synergy with a cc support with her condemn + chasing ability so be wary of ganks as she or her support can initiate a jungler gank.

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