LoL Next Champion after Aatrox: Female Character with Four Eyes

Here comes more information about lol next champion after Aatrox:

Next Champion has 4 eyes

Next Champion's Release Skin has at Least 4 Eyes and has a "AoE skill that explodes in a pattern we have not seen"

lol next champion

Next Champion is female

The upcoming champion is supposed to be a female character. This is what I saw from lol official forum:

"A Red (I believe it was Morello) used 'she' when referring to the next champ, and Zenon has said the champ'll have four eyes and a unique AOE pattern."

Next Champion Does Not Have a PBE Date

ZenonTheStoic has hit the (German) forums again, this time saying that they do not know when the next champion will be on the PBE. (They most likely need to see when the current cycle will be ready before they can set a date for the champion in the next.) The following is google translated

lol next champion

So what do you think will next champion look like?

For more predictions about next champion: LoL Upcoming Champion after Aatrox

Reference: Link 1 & Link 2

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