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Ingite Flash

Flash and Ignite are two amazing summoner spells for Lux. Flash is a great escape mechanism or can also be used to get you into the battle to help kill an enemy or save an ally. While Ignite boosts your damage output and helps to secure kills.

Other Good Summoner Spells:
If you play Support Lux there are a number of other summoner spells you can take on Lux. Exhaust can be taken for your team to provide your team with some more crowd control while also helping you shut down the enemy AD in bottom lane. Alternatively you can take Heal or Clairvoyance to provide you with added utility.


Lux Masteries


Lux Abilities Build

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General Lux Tips

- Be aware of your allies position in team fights and re-position yourself to shield the maximum number of allies possible, you can re-position yourself after you first cast to change its direction.

- Your ultimate is good for both the start and end of team fights. Use it when you can hit maximum enemies for maximum damage.

- You must use your passive to increase your damage during early game, be very careful about using it late game though as it will put you in harms way.

- Lux's range on her abilities is fairly large, use this to your advantage and stay at the back of team fights.

- Lux is very skill shot-based, learn to lead your opponents and use Lucent Singularity to slow enemies, allowing for easier hits.

Get Started Tips of Lux

- Since Lux can be played as a mage or a support, you need to coordinate masteries, runes, and items depending on the role you want.

- Lux is a great solo-laner due to her long range. She can constantly harass enemy champions and farm decently well using the combination of abilities and auto attacks.

- Lux is also a great duo-laner due to her crowd controlling abilities. She is a great baby sitter from her shielding ability, and her snares and slows will help the lane to dominate and ensure kills.

- Positioning is very important for Lux players. During a team fight, Lux's role is to stay in the back and use her crowd controlling abilities to ensure kills. DO NOT WANDER ALONE as Lux is very fragile on her own.

- Though it is extremely satisfying to kill an enemy champion with laser, Lux's laser is actually quite difficult to hit as the animation shows a red line before the laser is actually fired for the enemy to see and dodge. Try to surprise enemy by firing from a bush or far away so they won't have time to react and dodge.

Early Game Level 1-6

- During the laning phase you want to harass with Lucent Singularity and your passive, you can also use it to check bushes and deny the enemy of last hitting and experience.

- Your best laning partner is someone who can unleash lots of damage on a snared target, Garen is a perfect example.

- Do not use your Light Binding on minions, its cooldown is long and it should be saved for catching your enemies or stopping any acts of aggression towards you and your laning partner.

- If you are in a solo lane then your focus should be on last hits and harassing your opponent from range Lucent Singularity.

Mid Game Level 7-12

- Do not use your ultimate on minions unless stopping a tower push or starting one, as it can quickly reduce or build up minions.

- Lux is a really good ganking champion when her slow and snare are combined, grab a partner and gank some enemies.

- Be sure to be there for your team, you want to build your assists so you become a threat late game.

- At level 7-9 you can one hit caster minions by using Lucent Singularity and your passive, use this to farm up during this time.

Late Game Level 13-18

- Lux takes on more of a supporting role now as it is dangerous to try trigger her passive, although you can still cause alot of hurt 1v1.

- Grab blue buff and buy blue elixirs as needed, you want to reach full cooldown reduction (40%) to be most effective in team fights.

- Save enemies from being chased with your slow and snare combo.

- Your ultimate has an incredibly low cooldown and can hurt squishy characters, use it appropriately.


How to Use Lux's Abilities


lux Lux's Passive - Illumination

Though it is not one of the most useful passives on a mage, it helps Lux to farm very well in lane. During laning phase, you would want to harass the enemy champions as much as possible using the combination of her abilities and then auto attack. Also, during team fights, don't be shy to get in an auto attack or two after using your abilities. Chances are, your enemies will forget that your auto attacks actually hurt despite the fact that you're a mage.

lux Lux's Q Ability: Light Binding

This ability is very similar to Morgana's “Dark Binding” that it allows you to root people in place for a few seconds. Notice that it only SNARES the enemy in place, which means the enemy is still allowed to attack you. The “dealing 50% effect to the 2nd unit” is very similar to Miss Fortune's “Double Up” that it allows you to harass enemy champion through minions. So even though this is a skill shot, don't be afraid to use it to bind enemy champion through a minion.

lux Lux's W Ability: Prismatic Barrier

This is Lux's major support skill that it allows her to use skill shot to shield up to the whole team (YES ALL FIVE MEMBERS) in the right positioning. It works as a boomerang that shields Lux initially, protects allies in the direction of your skill shot, and shields Lux a second time. Remember, when you're alone and trying to escape from enemies chasing you down, try to line the skill shot in front of you so you can run into the return of the boomerang faster.

lux Lux's E Ability: Lucent Singularity

Basically, this skill allows Lux to throw a circular zone that slows enemies. After 5 seconds, or you can press E again to detonate it, this ability will do damage to enemy units remaining in the zone. This is Lux's basic farming ability. You would want to max this skill first to help you farm better in lane. Since it also gives you a 5 second span, time it carefully so you can detonate it while enemy champions are still in the zone. Since it's an AoE slow, you can also use it first to line up your other skills for a full burst damage on enemy champion. Lastly, you can also use this ability to scout a bush since it reveals the area for 5 seconds.

lux Lux's R Ability: Finales Funkeln

Even though the name of this skill sounds a bit mouthful, it is basically the infamous Lux's laser. What makes this ability so awesome is that it has a great range (though not global), has no channeling time (which means the enemy cannot interrupt it), and a short cool down (max cap of cooldown reduction gives this ultimate a 24 second cooldown). Since it is quite difficult to hit a moving target with the laser, it is best to line up your laser after using Q to snare them in place or E to slow their movement speed to ensure a kill.

Please check here for the etails of the abilities.

Credits: hubpages, squido, lolking

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