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lol adc guide

Author: MMOsite forum moderator zerofin

Alright, so on my last guide where I listed Top 3 Champions on Every Role for Beginners, along with short explanation what they are, and what they do and how. So I thought i might explain further on this thread, about one of my most played role ADC.

At this point people should know what ADC is so we don't have to go further on that so we can go straight to the tips from me. Remember though, I'm just a plain plat player, you might get more detailed and correct tips from more professional players, but I'll still try my best to help.

lol adc guide

1. Pay constantly attention on what is happening in surrounding and where you are.

I can't stress enough how important this is for ADC, and I think it's most important thing for an ADC to perform good, positioning correctly. Of course, some of you might think that, wouldn't getting farmed well be important too? Yes, it is important, but if you can't control how you do in a teamfight, your farm will mean nothing because you'll just get killed before getting anything done.

Most basic way to stay safe is stay behind your team, you can even stay as further from the team too, as long as you are not too far, that when a fight starts you can make it in time there. "Wouldn't you lose the fight then if you come in later?" That depends, usually the fight shouldn't have been decided during that duration. Your team should be able to tank enough till you come , if they can't then the enemy is either way ahead, or that your team comp doesn't have anything tanky, but usually if you come in late you will still able to catch up with the time spent with the walking to the action, because you are completely in safe position because of the enemy team should've burned at least few skills on your teammates, if not? Then you are still at advantage because they have took some free beating from your team, just beware of their skills at that point though such as some hard CC.

But that is just more advanced safer positioning anyways, staying closer behind won't hurt as long as you are aware of what is happening surrounding you and you can adapt to the enemy movement along with your team. Example if you see a malphite walking toward your team, obviously back off, you don't want to get hit by his ulti.

2. Farm a lot.

Don't do it too much though, don't be that Nasus at top farming Q for 40 minutes at top even if there's a fight at baron going on and he could've made it there.

Most of the damage from the team comes from you. It's really important that you can farm well, so make sure you don't fall too behind with the farm.

Spend most of your time at farming, until you are comfortable with the items.

Don't lag at the same place for too long without doing anything. Such as just simply staying around with your team at the tower and pushing in turns with your enemy team. Obviously that isn't stopping you from farming the minions (Or go in jungle to get the nearest camp, but make sure if the enemy team initiates you can be there in time to help your team), but most of the time your AP would be there one shooting all the minions leaving you nothing to get, but try to avoid these situations, because most of the time this isn't worth the time and lasts until peope notices they should go defend top or bot tower.

Make sure your team plays it safe though if you decide to leave the lane during these situations. often towers and teamfights are lost because people decides to leave that and then the enemy team just jumps in because they are at advantage.

Don't know if this is a tip, but I still consider this as really important thing so thought I might as well put it lol.

lol adc guide

3. Don't get too greedy.

Every single spent dead, you could've spent that on farming. Saw that support there with 100 hp, but you knew the rest of their team is close? Don't risk it, you would get a kill, and you will most likely get killed, and let's say that would be 50 second respawn time + coming back to the lane (Without homeguard) you could've farmed that over that kill gold and their team wouldn't have gotten a kill, and possibly some objectives. If possible, just farm up safely, you'll dominate them later when time comes.

Now some of you might say that, but you would miss so many kills that could've been safe kills!

That's true, but it's up to the player. I'm those who rather farm safely and not fall behind, and surely be able to do something late game, than one of those many 7/9/0 carries that in the end isn't even all that much ahead compared to the enemy team because of the deaths.

lol adc guide

4. Don't listen to the people in chat saying "Focus XXX"

Especially when it's directed at you or saying "Lol noob ad focus tank report". It's not your job to focus their carry. Your job is to deal damage, whoever you can. Even if it's malphite stacking 300 armor. If he's close to you, then attack him. Rest of the team will deal with their carries. Your job as an AD is to stay alive and deal as much damage as you can and that's what you will be facing a lot during your AD playing. Their top/jungle or even mid will be on you constantly, or try to be on you. So if you spent your time running to their adc you would be prolly either be dead or you might get one or two hits off. So why would you do that when instead you could've damaged their tank or whoever is on you or even possibly kill them off?

This is a really important thing to know along with the positioning. If you keep this mindset to stay safe and deal damage to the enemy team any champion I promise you, that you will perform a lot better as an ADC.

Remember, this is really situation based. Obviously thinking is allowed, if both their carry and tank is close to you, their carry being in your attack range but tank is closer, of course you'll be attacking the carry instead of the tank.

Or let's say your enemy who is on you is completely useless and posses no threats to you damage wise, you can attempt to get closer to other enemy champion at the same time as you keep hitting the person who is on you.

But the main point is : Stay safe, and deal as much damage as you can.

lol adc guide

5. During laning phase. Don't be scare to buy a ward if necessary or you have extra gold.

Let's say a situation where you go back with your support.

He bought a philo but don't have any gold for anymore wards or possibly only one. And you went back bought a vamp scepter and still have 200 gold left, then you should buy a ward or two. They are just 75 gold each. 3-4 minions and you'll get that gold back, and in exchange, you'll get a safer lane to farm in. Totally worth them.

Or in general if you have some extra gold and the lane needs extra warding because of the support not being able to buy them, the ward is totally worth the gold.

So it's time to come out from the zone where everyone thinks that only support should ward! lol

But yeah this is pretty much all I can think of right now, might list more later if I can think of something. Not in importance order by the way, just in order how they popped up in the mind lol.

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