LoL Lucian Release Date and New Champion's Update Discussed

LoL patch 3.11 is coming soon but there is still no further information about Lucian release date. Some anxious players questioned that on official forum and Riot's Morello responded to it.

When asked for an update on Lucian's whereabouts, Morello responded:

"Sorry for going dark on it, just getting on the forums a bit again

I don't have a good ETA currently, but it's taking a bit longer than we'd hoped. There's some outstanding issues remaining we need to get cleaned up before we can turn him on, and some are hairier than others."

He continued, responding to criticism that champion releases have been slow and unreliable this year:

"I couldn't agree more, tbh. We've had a really difficult time with champion release schedules this year, and while I do like the "focus on quality" part, something could definitely improve here.

We're not doing every 2 weeks anymore, but I'm of the opinion that the inconsistency is really tough on players."

As for why things are so slow, he noted:

"Nothing intentional - some of it is resource rebalancing (doing more reworks), but much of it is the increasing complexity of trying to do more (broadly, non-champion stuff) and not having more people in certain key areas that have always been bottlenecks. For example, Howling Abyss (a good addition) required some significant VFX work, and VFX artists are rarer than Dragon's Teeth. It's not about will/money to hire/etc, it's about finding talent. Some fields are easier to find people in than others.

That said, I think that context is of little solace to players. We do new champions because they're engaging - really engaging. Since we're looking to play the long game with League, risking big engagement points is something I'm fearful of."

He also noted on champion reworks, which eat up new champion time due to rebalancing:

"I do like that we can do more reworks - I think that's been a good benefit."

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