LoL Galio Changes Aimed for PBE Before Patch 3.12

lol galio

Riot's Ricklessabandon is back to discuss his plans for Galio! His current plan is to try to get some changes on the pbe before patch 3.12 is released..

"... i want to give galio some serious attention soon. my current plan is to try to get some changes on the pbe before 3.12 is released. (like all plans, the above is subject to change.)"

He continued, mentioning his desire to try out MR ratios on Galio's spells and hooking him up with a brand new passive.

"yes, one of the changes i want to try is putting the magic resist ratios directly in his abilities so he can get a new passive."

In response to comments about Galio being a mage counter and NOT having MR per level, he noted:

"two-part response:

first, i'm going to give galio mr/level in my early tests and see how it goes. i totally expect it to be fine, but 'no promises' and all that.

second, galio isn't really supposed to be a mage counter. his kit doesn't really have anything you'd expect on an anti-mage. sure, he's generally good/annoying against the du couteau house and a handful of other champions, but that's more due to bulwark being particularly effective versus periodic and multi-hit damage than his overall kit. that said, people definitely think of him as resilient against magic so i think it will be worthwhile to make that aspect of him a bit more pronounced."

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