League of Legends New Champion Lucian Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Lucian, the Purifier is the most recently released champion in League of Legends. He is classified as a Marksman, a ranged attack damage carry that relies heavily on damage and attack speed. He is an excellent duelist and his passive double attacks give him surprising burst.


Lucian's passive ability is Lightslinger. After casting one of his abilities, Lucian gains a buff for a short duration that is used once he makes his next auto attack. This buff gives you a double attack, in which the second attack deals half damage to champions and towers, but full damage to minions thus making it good for last-hitting during the farming phase. The passive scales with attack damage, and is a core part of Lucian's gameplay strategy.

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lol champion aatrox review
Piercing Light hits all enemies in a line with no damage reduction.

Lucian's Q is Piercing Light. This is a skill shot that has a range about as far as his auto attack range, but extends further than where it's cast. Once used, the attack fires in a line, dealing 75% damage to minions and a full 100% damage to enemy champions. The line is not very large, and scales off of bonus attack damage. Piercing Light is Lucian's main source of burst and poke damage through the early and mid game so you will definitely want to take a point in it first and then max it as soon as you can.

Lucian's W is another skill shot called Ardent Blaze. Ardent Blaze is fired in a line and explodes upon impact of any unit (including minions) or once it reaches maximum range in a star shape. This skill has about double the range of Piercing Light, but can also be used as a source of burst damage. If an enemy stays too close to their ranged or melee minion wave, they can still be hit. Enemies hit with Ardent Blaze are marked for six seconds. Any damage that Lucian lands upon a marked enemy will increase his movement speed by 40. This added mobility will help him to dodge an opponent's skill shots or to pursue a fleeing enemy. It should be noted that both attack damage and ability power increase the damage of Ardent Blaze.

lol champion aatrox review
Ardent Blaze exploding.

Lucian's E is Relentless Pursuit. Put simply, it is a short dash ability that also removes any slows currently afflicting Lucian. As you can probably imagine, this makes it extremely valuable when it comes to escaping the enemy (or pursuing them as the name of the ability implies). Relentless Pursuit starts with a pretty hefty cooldown timer, but leveling up the ability greatly reduces the mana cost and cooldown. At max level, it costs zero mana to cast and has roughly half the cooldown time. If an enemy is killed by Lucian's ultimate, The Culling, then the cooldown of Relentless Pursuits is also reset. This dash ability will also let Lucian dash over some walls.

lol champion aatrox review
Lucian dashing with Relentless Pursuit.

Lucian's ultimate is The Culling. The Culling is pointed in one direction and Lucian fires a volley of long range attacks while channeling for three seconds. Unlike Miss Fortune's ultimate ability, Lucian can actually move freely about while channeling his ultimate. He can also cast Relentless Pursuit while using it. The number of shots Lucian fires in The Culling scales with the amount of attack speed he has which makes attack speed items even more valuable to Lucian. Like Ardent Blaze, the amount of damage The Culling deals scales off both attack damage and ability power. Also unlike Miss Fortune's ultimate, The Culling will only deal damage to the first enemy it hits so people can use minions as meat shields to protect themselves from it. Fortunately, The Culling deals 400% damage to minions. Another downside to The Culling is that it can be interrupted by things like stuns and knock-ups since it is a channeled ability.


Lucian is best built as an attack damage carry. Even though some of his abilities scale with both AD and AP, the best scaling values are from attack damage items. His build should be typical for most attack damage carries, but keep in mind that he consumes mana very quickly if you harass and poke at the enemy. Dealing tons of damage is only one of Lucian's objectives, while the other is to stay alive to pump out consistent physical damage. Attack damage and Attack speed items are Lucian's best friends, however, you must also keep in mind that he has no crowd control abilities. Here are some items Lucian should buy:

  • Infinity Edge for double attacks (double the chance for a critical hit).
  • Bloodthirster / Blade of the Ruined King are standard AD lifesteal items.
  • Last Whisper to counter tank armor.
  • Maw of Malmortius if there are many ap carries.
  • Phantom Dancers will allow you to pass through units while escaping or pursuing.
  • Static Shiv is also a great item for chasing and surprising damage.
  • Mercenary's Machete can be very useful against CC heavy teams.

lol champion aatrox review
Mowing down an entire wave of minions with The Culling.

Playing Him

As a Marksman, Lucian relies upon his range and mobility to wear down opponents before going in for the kill. Make use of Lucian's passive and heavily farm or force your opponent back by constantly harassing them thus preventing them from gaining experience. A good trick is to aim your Q at a minion and position yourself to hit the opponent past the minion. Unlike most abilities which travel through enemies and deal damage, there is no damage reduction for hitting enemies beyond the first with Piercing Light.

Late game, you should open on your opponent(s) with Ardent Blaze and try to get an attack off before poking with Piercing Light. Once they turn their attention on you, run back or use Relentless Pursuit to get away from opponents. You can also use Relentless Pursuit to dash after your target and through a minion wave. Use your ultimate to finish off opponents or secure your escape by punishing bloodthirsty pursuers.

You can also use Lucian's Relentless Pursuit over some walls like the Dragon and Baron Pits, the walls to the Blue and Red Buff, and various other walls. It can also be used to dodge into the fog of war on both sides of the river. Try using it to counter an opponent's last second desperation flash and finish them off with a double attack from his passive. Remember, since Lucian's passive is simply double auto attack, it cannot be spell shielded.

Lucian is not without his weaknesses. Two of his abilities can be blocked by minions or the enemy tank. High armor and damage resistant opponents can beat Lucian in trades. He is also weak against other enemies that can continually dodge his skill shots like Vayne and Ezreal. Lucian also has no means to recover from stuns without the Machete or Cleanse.

Lucian plays well with a support that has crowd control other than fear. LuLu is a good support for Lucian thanks to her shield and health-giving ultimate ability which can help give him some much needed sustainability. Sona's ultimate also works nicely with Lucian's, forcing enemies to stand there while he fills them full of lead. Thresh is ironically another champion that Lucian works quite well with despite the fact that, according to lore, Thresh has captured Lucian's wife soul.

Lucian, the Purifier is an extremely powerful Marksman and is worth purchasing for players that like using ranged AD champions.

lol champion aatrox review
Relentless Pursuit can dash through walls.

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