LoL Top Five Champions That Require Lots of Skills

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

A lot of champions in League of Legends are considered to be overpowered. This is especially true if you start dominating your opponent, they will likely say it is only because you are an OP champ. While it is true sometimes the champ really is the only reason players do well (*cough* Fizz *cough*) there are actually a lot of champions that require a lot of skill to master. Here are the top five champions that require lots of skill. If you do well as one of these champions, rest assured it's due to your own skill at the game.


lol champion cassiopeia
Cassiopeia poisoning a group of minions.

Cassiopeia is arguably the most difficult champion to master in the game. In fact, Riot Games lists her difficulty bar at the highest possible value. She's well worth learning to play effectively, however, since once you actually do master her she will completely own people. Cassiopeia first needs to focus on poisoning her target. Two of her three normal abilities have a poison effect so this typically isn't a problem. Casting Twin Fang on a poisoned champion reduces its cooldown to a mere 0.5 seconds. That means that if you can keep the enemy poisoned, you can just spam Twin Fang over and over for quick, massive damage. Each cast of Twin Fang will cost between 50 and 90 mana depending on the level so Cassiopeia players also have to keep an eye on their manabase more so than most other mages.

Items that increase mana, such as Tear of the Goddess and ultimately Seraph's Embrace are good items to work toward early on. She is also very squishy so Zhonya's Hourglass is one item that is a must-buy for pretty much any Cassiopeia build.

Cassiopeia's ultimate, Petrifying Gaze, has the potential to turn an entire enemy team into stone if timed correctly. Enemies need to be facing Cassiopeia for it to take full effect, though. If their backs are turned, it will only slow their movement speed for a few seconds.

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