LoL Next Champion after Lucian: Female ADC Seven, Vi's Sister

League of Legends latest champion Lucian has been out for some time. Many players are guessing what will the next champion after Lucian be. Here I collect some evidences proving that next champion is a female ADC caledd Seven, who is Vi's sister.

I know what some of you are thinking: How do you know it's Vi's sister? Well...

lol pool party

Evidence One: First, the presumbly next champion is confirmed in the Pool Party group splash. When someone started a thread about the mysterious person, the first two red comments were:

As you may know, Gypsylord was the guy behind Vi, while Meddler is the guy behind Vi's kit. The possibility of Vi having a sister was hinted at with the Howling Abyss' shopkeeper on the purple side, so it's not a surprise for her to appear. The fact that these two guys replied first is a hint that they're the people behind him/her, and thus, the most likely candidate to be Vi's sister. There was also the fact that CertainlyT has stated that the next champion is from Gyspylord...

Evidence Two: But how do you know it's a girl? Well, in the splash, the mysterious figure has a girlish figure, painted nails, and is holding a pink cup. While this could just be a very Ezreal-ish man, the fact that Lee Sin is giving the person a cup with that look on his face... shows that he knows it's a girl and he's hitting on her. Yes, he's blind, but perhaps...

Evidence Three :Onto her abilities:

The hints from the previously-mentioned thread involving Gyspylord and CertainlyT seem to show a girl based on wind and explosions. While I'm still trying to figure out how the two could connect, the presence of the tattoos with clouds and what appears to be bullets shows that it's definitely this champion who is getting it.

Evidence Four: There's also the fact that in the pool party poster, she's clinking her plastic cup with Ziggs, a yordle of explosives. This seems to point towards a gun-toting, explosions kit, perhaps with the aid of storms on her side? Now, onto her name... While it seems sort of silly to call her Seven because of the obvious roman numerall 'VI' thing, there are two posts that help my nickname of this upcoming champion:

This was the first subtle hint into her name. To 'jinx' someone is to cause them bad luck. What is 'seven' usually viewed as? A lucky number.

This should be a no-brainer on how it connects to the name of 'Seven'. While her name certainly won't be 'Seven', I have a feeling that she'll have someone related to that number as well as luck as a theme in her character.

Evidence Five: Could the person who's working with Caitlyn be the blood relative of the person she's trying to find? Could Vi's sister also have an gap closer, except so OP that it escapes from the wrath of the Sheriff?!

Probably. Vi's sister... could be C.

Having one connects her to the steampunk world of Piltover. It explains why she would have air tattoos and give her a good reason to have a gun: She doesn't use wind magic! Seven/C is just up in the clouds! It also supports the idea of Vi's sister being C because in Caitlyn's judgment, C disappeared from jumping down an alleyway with no trace of blood or his body. He/she escaped by jetpack!

Conclusion: The next champion is Seven, Vi's sister, with an awesome explosion and storm kit as well as possibilities of being a Zaunite and/or C with a JETPACK! Fighting her would be like trying to 'hug a cloud'. :3

Please note that it is not official news. It is just my personal prediction. I also see other tidbits about next champion after Lucian on other sites:

Rumor one: Chinese style Dragon Champion?

It is said that Tencent Games, publisher of LoL CN, will reveal a new Chinese style Dragon Champion during its second anniversary celebrations on 8th September.

Updated: Dragon champion - Dragon King Ao Shin has been revealed. But it won't be the next champion after Lucian:

"Ao Shin isn't the next champion scheduled to come out, so he's still a ways off and many things are still subject to change."

Rumor two: Next Champion will be Male

"It looks like a new male champion might be joining the League: 'One of the upcoming champions was originally named Velnath […] But that sounds way too much like Xerath, so his name got changed. I hope you enjoy the champion if/when he comes out'", Riot designer Xelnath said yesterday.

Article about next mysterious champion:
Rumor: LoL Next Champion Shown on Creator Viktor Splash Art

Reference: LoL official forum and Reign of Gaming

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