LoL General Mastery Guide for ADC

This guide is made by our forum moderator zerofin. Thanks for the great job, zerofin! Thought this to be helpful to players who just reach level 30. Enjoy!

Let's have a look at the most used mastery page for ADC first.

(If you use ignite then put a point in Summoner's wrath and take off a point from Fury)

This is one of the most used mastery page for the ADC players. With some variations depending on how you like to play.The points from Havoc are usually the ones that we can take off for the variation masteries. The reason why I mentioned usually, is that certain ADC such as Urgot won't need critical strike at all, so he won't be needing Lethality and Frenzy at all, so in those cases you take those off instead and put those points on other masteries.

So, back to the point though, where can we put those extra mastery points if we take off Havoc?

(If you use ignite then put a point in Summoner's wrath and take off a point from Fury)

You can either put 2 of the points butcher, or even take all 3 points off from havoc and put the last point in destruction to increase your damage on turrets. In fact, I prefer using these more than 3 points on havoc, because the fact that it helps your early game laning phase more than what havoc offers you. You probably wouldn't even notice the difference with or without havoc because the bonus is so small, when butcher helps you farming/pushing lanes.

The extra damage on turret is really taste things. I rarely really take it, unless if I'm playing premade, where team is more coordinated and rushing towers happens more often than in solo que, where all people cares is just about winning fights, winning lanes, and they rarely rushes towers when the enemy team a re separated so having that mastery ain't really all that useful.

At this point though, both of these masteries (Havoc/Destruction) bonuses given to you are really small though, so they are not really game changing, but it's still worth giving a thought about your playstyle first before putting the points before the game starts.

So in the end it's up to your playstyle. Havoc allows you to have stronger poke, so if you like being aggressive in lane, then even those little bonuses helps as the laning drags on.Obviously butcher won't be any use on champions.

If you like to farm safely, and play defensively, or even if you just simply like that butcher makes your last hitting slightly easier then just take off the points from havoc and put them on butcher.

And with the rest 9 points for example you could put them like these and depending on the enemy you are fighting against, you might want to drop one point off from the armor mastery to put it on the MR mastery, or even two. For example against something like Lulu and Sona I like to put one point from armor to MR because of their poke.
Remember though, if you aren't using barrier/cleanse, don't pick up the summoner spell mastery on the defensive tree, it'll just go waste.

Why not 9 points in utility? Just simply because it ain't really worth it most of the time. Some people still do it, but I'm not one of them and rather not to. The only advantage you really get would be increased duration with buffs, and you don't really get the buffs until the laning phase has advanced quite awhile so it'll just be a waste. And the reduced cd on summoners? I rather have all the defensive stats I get from defensive tree than trade it off for reduced cd on my summoners. Defense tree makes your laning phase and life easier, trust me.

Remember, these are just general masteries that works for most of the adc's (If not over 90%, that's how boring ADC's masteries are nowadays lol), with few exceptions such as Urgot. Possibly Corki too? I've seen some players pick up the spell pen on him too, but I haven't played him ever since season 3 came so I don't really know how effective is it though.Just mix and match the masteries and the examples I've gave you depending on situation and you are good to go. At some point you'll just learn the masteries well enough that you'll be able to put the points as you look at the enemy team. And that's not hard to achieve at all, because of the League of Legends masteries being really simple.

Thanks for reading.

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