More Information about LoL Mysterious Champion Ao Shin

League of Legends possible future champion Ao Shin was reavealed yeasterday. However, Ao Shin isn't the next champion scheduled to come out, so he's still a ways off and many things are still subject to change. Here I bring more information about Ao Shin for players who are curious this mysterious champion.

lol champion ao shin

How are you gonna differentiate Ao's abilities from Janna? Both are weather inspired it seems.
Differentiation from Janna's definitely important, thankfully there's a huge number of different things you can do with this sort of theme so that's something we've borne in mind, rather than a significant problem.

Have you thought about size? Naturally we would think of dragons are really big creatures , far bigger than humans but making it that much bigger than say zed or Garen is going to fill the map up quite substantially.
And yes, size is also something that's got a decent amount of discussion, as is how to capture the sort of power associated with dragons in a way that's both satisfying and balanced. We're not ready to talk details yet, great topics for discussion once we are though.

I vote for rename (Ao Shin) to thunder noodle!
And your vote has been noted! Though, just between you and me, its odds aren't looking too good...

Fans are worried that Ao Shin's model may be similar with Shyvana's

Question: I love the concept art of this champion, he looks absolutely gorgeous. But as a fan of Shyvana, I have to ask. Do you think that this is moving in on Shyvana's territory at all? Her unique lore is that she's a half-dragon, and this champion's unique lore seems to be that he's a dragon. I trust that the two will be very different; this one is styled in a very chinese way, after all, but it still seems a little odd to me. Like adding a Tarantula champion, and viewing that as completely different to Elise the half-spider.

Love the concept, worried about Shyvana's unique identity within the League.

Answer: Fair concern, quite agree we should avoid disempowering existing champions with new ones. One of the things that appealed to us about Ao Shin in the first place though was that we saw an opportunity to do something pretty different dragon wise that wouldn't step on Shyvana's talons. Another western fire breathing dragon on the other hand would have created those sort of problems.

What sort of role Ao Shin might fill?

Question: Not sure if you guys know yet or are allowed to say, but any ideas on what sort of role he might fill? My first instinct was AP Carry as typically a lot of the more elemental champions tend to fall in that range, but this kind of made me think support with CC. Interesting either way, thanks for the update.

Answer: Too early to talk role sorry. The gameplay design on Ao Shin is being done by a designer who's been with Riot for a bit but hasn't previously released a champion though, and I'm sure he'll be really keen to drop by to introduce himself and chat kit details as soon as we're ready.

Some players are wondering what interaction will Ao Shin have with Udyr?

Question: Riot basicly annouced this champion MONTHS ago, HE IS THE DRAGON AT THE END OF THE COMIC. Lol they did not even give a HINT at it.

Now the big QuestionS:
Was he in development even back then!?
Was he always gonna be a champion?
What made you deside to put the dragon in the SGU as a champion?
Is he evil? He is trying to take the temple's power so i assume he is evil?
What interaction will he have with Udyr?

lol champion ao shin

Answer: Ao Shin's one of those champion concepts that we've been considering for quite a while (initial art concepts for example started last year). Until recently though there were still some big outstanding questions, story and gameplay in particular, that we hadn't answered, so we weren't ready to go ahead with him as a champion. We're not ready to talk about a lot of his details yet, we definitely will once we can of course though.

Reference: Reign of Gaming

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