LoL Several Tips to Raise Your Elo

Elo gain is one of the most reoccurring subjects in League of Legends. No matter you are a beginner of LoL or even a professional player, almost all of you will face the difficulty of gaining elo. Here I share some of the tips that I think will be helpful for raising Elo, especially for players who just start playing ranked games.

Controll your emotions

Everyone becomes upset at some point when playing League of Legends. We're humans, not robots. The goal isn't to prevent yourself from feeling any emotion, but rather to learn how to cope when your emotions take over. This is something that you will always have to keep working at. A lot of people don't mention this, but getting better at this game isn't just about your talent or knowledge. Becoming better at this game has a lot do with controlling your emotions and staying in a state of mind that allows you see your mistakes and learn from them.

Whenever you lose 2 games in a row take a break. Get up and eat some food or watch one of your favourite shows. Find a way to cope with these emotions and I guarantee your win rate will increase.

Rage only makes you lose more games

Learn what champions to pick/ban

This is one of the biggest contributions to your win rate. It's all about having an advantage on your opponent and one way to do that is by knowing what the strongest champions are on the current patch. And you can also find out what the most ban/picked are at major tournaments.

By no means am I saying you should only play these champions. Instead, use your own critical thinking to figure out what you think will work best in solo queue. Your main champions will likely change as times passes whether it be because of nerfs, new champions, or buffs to other ones. It's important to adapt to what is strongest on the current patch rather than stick to what's comfortable.

Practice - Quantity vs Quality

Becoming better at anything in life requires practice - League of Legends is no exception. That being said, it's imperative that you practice not only often, but also effectively. Whenever you play, forget about your ego. In fact, forget about winning and losing all together. All that's important is improving as a player. This means being honest, brutally honest, with yourself - a skill most players lack.

Instead of spending your energy focusing on what other people are doing wrong, look towards yourself. The entire time you play you should be looking for the mistakes you make. You will get bad teammates, great teammates, and everything in between. You have no control over that aspect of the game. The only thing you can control is yourself.

Stop being so focused on winning; winning is not important. All that matters is improving as a player - winning will come naturally if you adopt that mentality.

Focus on one role and a few champions

It's important to focus on one role and ask for it during champion select. You should also main about three champions. That way if one or two gets banned or picked you won't be left playing a champion you're uncomfortable with. This is where you should start from - don't try to master everything. As you play more and become better you'll naturally expand your champion pool and learn other roles.

If you don't get the role you asked for, that's okay. It's still an opportunity to learn. The more knowledge you have of other roles and champions will increases your overall game sense - you'll start to know their weaknesses and strengths.

Do you agree with me? If you don't agree with me or have some better ideas, welcome to share with us!

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