LoL Xerath's Rework Coming With 3.12

Riot has just released new splash art of Xerath. Today Riot's designer Xelnath posted a forum thread talking about Xerath's rework.

"I've seen a number of new threads about Xerath's new splash art cropping up in various forums. To talk about this directly:

This splash art is actually based on the new VFX for the Xerath rework by Bitsplosion. Xerath was slated to begin PBE testing this patch, with an expected release date sometime in the future. However, after some discussion, we feel the new splash art is supremely badass and will be releasing it early with 3.12.

Xerath's new VFX (including his new ultimate pictured in the background) will be released alongside the Xerath rework once PBE and competitive testing have concluded.

Hope this answers your questions, and thank you for your incredible patience as we finish up his rework.

Q&A on Xerath:

I'm a fan of it. Do you have a more exact date as to when he'll be available on the PBE?
Sadly, Riot dates are generally related to patches and not real life dates. 3.13 should commence the start of PBE testing, with testing slated to wrap up in 3.15, giving us plenty of time to tune him competitively.

May not be your department but, Will Scorched Earth Xerath have amazing new animations to match?
I don't know. Bitsplosion is doing some work to improve Battlecast and Runeborn Xerath, but I haven't seen Scorched Earth's updates yet.

More Galio Changes to PBE very soon

Following the Galio changes in 3.11, ricklessabandon noted he should have some more ready for PBE testing soon!

"sorry for the late reply, but i wanted to pop in and say that i still have plans to get some more galio changes out on the pbe very soon. i went ahead and made the ult changes and delayed myself just a little bit so i could shift some time into getting some jayce changes finalized and shipped - xypherous did most (if not all) of the work and i really didn't want to see them sit for very long.

almost done with that, so hopefully we'll be talking about galio in the very near future. :3"

For those seeking more information on these Jayce changes, he commented:


as far as turnaround, i hope to have the jayce changes out in 3.13-we'll see how it goes though. :3"

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