LoL S3 World Championship: Quarterfinals 9/23 - 9/24

The quarterfinals features the remaining 8 teams - four who qualified previously and four who made it in from the group stages - competing in best of 3 matches to climb up the bracket! The matches will run over two days, September 23rd and September 24th.


The eight teams participating in the quarter finals include NaJin Black Sword and SK Telecom T1 from Korea, OMG and Royal Club from China, Fnatic and Gambit Gaming from Europe, Cloud 9 from North America, and Gamania Bears from Taiwan.

The quarterfinals begin on September 23rd and run through September 24th. Each team will engage their opponents in a best of three match with the winner advancing up the bracket.

Following the conclusion of the quarterfinals on September 24th, we will move on to the Semifinals on which will have it's own site post.


Stream Links:


Day 1
12:00 PM PDT // 3:00 PM EDT // 21:00 CEST
4:00 PM PDT // 7:00 PM EDT // 01:00 CEST
Day 2
7:00 PM PDT // 10:00 PM EDT // 04:00 CEST
10:00 PM PDT // 1:00 AM EST //  07:00 CEST

Source from: Surrender at 20

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