What to Do If You Get Trolled in League of Legends

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

lol troll
Trundle is a different kind of troll

League of Legends is notorious in the gaming community for being infected with trolls. Despite efforts by Riot Games to quell such behavior with initiatives such as the honor system and the Tribunal, you are bound to run into at least one toxic player per game (usually more). How you react to their toxic behavior can affect the outcome of the game and could make their trolling worse. Here are some things you should do and some things you should not do if and when you encounter a troll on League of Legends. A lot of these tips may seem like common sense but you would be surprised at how often other players do not follow them in the heat of the moment.

Do: Report them

One unique aspect of League of Legends is that when you report another player after the game, this report actually does something. Once a player has accumulated enough reports against them, a portion of the games they were reported in is aggregated into a "case" file and sent to the Tribunal. Other players with an account above a certain level can then log onto the website and vote in Tribunal cases. They can see the game's stats and chat logs and can vote to punish or pardon the reported player based on the evidence. Considering some research studies have shown the punishment rate of the Tribunal to be near 90%, reporting other players is no joke. When you report another player, make sure you fill out the comments section with at least a sentence or two briefly explaining why you think that player should be punished. This will increase the effectiveness of your report.

Don't: Say you are reporting them

One mistake that many players make in the game is that they tell the troll they are going to report them. What good does this do? At that point the troll knows they are getting to you and will probably ramp up their efforts and become even more toxic. Had you simply remained silent, there is a better chance the troll would grown tired of his or her own antics and settle down as time went on. Now that they know you are reporting them, they have nothing else to lose and will just keep trolling. If you're going to report someone, don't tell them so. Just do it after the game.

Don't: Try to get others to report them

On the same note, don't try to get other players in the game to report the person by saying something like "please report so-and-so." This includes asking the other team to report someone in all chat or asking your teammates to. All too often you will see someone go to all chat and tell the other team to report a teammate. There's no excuse for this. If the person in question really is trolling, chances are other players are going to report them anyway. You don't need to say out loud they should be reported. Again, if the troll hears you trying to coordinate reports against them it will only make their behavior worse. The only exception to this would be if someone left the game or got disconnected, you could let other players know to report them for leaving afterwards.

Do: Mute them

If there is a troll that just won't shut up, mute them. Muting another player is as simple as clicking a button next to their name on the scoreboard screen. Viola! Problem solved! In keeping with the previous two tips, don't tell them you are muting them either. Again, this is just going to make their behavior worse! Although you might not be able to hear them going off anymore, other players in the game still will.

lol troll
The mute button is the quote button across from each player's name on the scoreboard.

Don't: Try to engage them in argument

When someone insults you or instigates you, it's easy to fall into their trap and engage them in an argument. Don't let this happen. You aren't going to be able to talk sense into a troll. The entire point of trolling is to try to elicit a negative response from you so even attempts to get them to stop trolling will in of itself make their troll successful. Don't call them a troll. Don't say something like "please stop trolling." It's not going to work. Just ignore them. Mute them if you have to.

Do: Continue to work with them in-game

When someone is trolling in the game, it's natural to want to stay away from that player and let them fed for themselves. It might even be satisfying to leave a teammate that has been running their mouth for dead. This isn't going to help your team win, though. Allowing a troll to die, or not responding to valid pings or efforts to play the game only hurts your team's chances of winning. You don't need to like a teammate to be able to work together. Saving a troll's life in-game might actually inspire him to settle down and play normally when he sees that his teammates still have his back. On the other hand, letting him get killed might give him more ammunition to use in berating you and other teammates for being unskilled noobs.

Don't: Call someone a feeder

"Feeding" is when a teammate purposefully and repeatedly runs out and dies. Many players misconstrue doing poorly as intentional feeding. Just because someone has 15 deaths doesn't necessarily mean they were feeding - perhaps they were just having a bad game. Calling them a feeder or telling them to "stop feeding" isn't going to help solve the problem. If they really are feeding, they aren't going to stop just because you ask them. On the other hand, if they aren't intentionally feeding then calling them a feeder will only make them feel bad which in turn makes them play even worse. If you see a teammate dying over and over, HELP THEM! Back them up with a gank attempt or give them some advice on tactics and items.

Types of Trolls

Most trolls in League of Legends are pretty obvious - people who insult others, taunt people, and spam the chat can be easily identified as trolls. Others are a little less obvious to players who may not be familiar with League of Legends. These include players who buy nothing but the same item over and over despite the items having unique passives, depending on the item of course. A good example of this is players who bought six pairs of boots (a recent patch prevents this). Another relatively common example is a troll will waste their gold buying dozens of wards and randomly spam them around your own base.

lol troll
Here you can see Janna and Cho'Gath are obvious trolls based on their items.

Players who completely disregard the established "meta" can also be construed as trolls. On Summoner's Rift, generally two players will go bottom lane, one player goes middle lane, one top lane, and one jungle. Sometimes during low level games your team won't have a jungler but instead will have two players go top lane. This is fine. Some deviation from the standard meta should be expected and even welcomed. A troll, however, will disregard this classic setup and instead go somewhere that doesn't help your team at all. For example, he or she might go bottom lane when you already have two people down there.

Another, more subtle, troll will steal auras from teammates at the last second. This becomes a little more obvious if they steal an aura that doesn't really help their champion. For example, taking the blue aura with someone that has no mana or the red aura with a champion that doesn't use basic attacks much.

There are lots of other ways toxic players can troll but these are just some of the most common.

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