LoL Huge Update on Rengar's Rework

lol rengar

Today, Riot's designer Scarizard post an article on forum talking about Rengar's rework.

Here are the changes (Without numbers, as they are subject to change/tuning as always) that we've been testing so far:

Updated 9/24 - updates in bold

Bonetooth Necklace
??? AD, ??? AD/lvl
Recipe: Hunter's Machete + Long Sword + 100g
PASSIVE: 20% Increased damage to monsters

3 Stacks: Rengar gains Flat Movement Speed while out of combat, or while in brush

6 Stacks: Leap range increased

9 Stacks: Rengar gains %MS for 2s after leaping

14 Stacks: Rengar does not lose his Thrill of the Hunt bonus speed upon activating Stealth

-Base Health Regen increased
-Health Regen per Level increased
-Health per Level increased
-All Ferocity Bonuses are now scaled with Champion Level (Similar to his Heal) rather than with the rank of the ability.

Unseen Predator
-Rengar now becomes visible at the beginning of his leap, rather than mid-leap.

-Cooldown decreased
-Damage slightly reduced
-Attack Speed Bonus slightly increased

Ferocity Effect: Savagery
-Damage Reduced
-No longer grants Attack Speed
-Now Grants 3 Ferocity

Battle Roar
-Damage increased
-Cooldown decreased

Ferocity Effect: Battle Roar
-No longer grants Armor/MR (Base Battle Roar still does)

Bola Strike
-Now a skillshot
-Range greatly increased
-AD Ratio increased
-Slow no longer scales with rank
-Slow no longer decays over 2.5s

Ferocity Effect: Bola Strike
-Root Duration increased

Thrill of the Hunt *REMADE*
-No longer immediately stealths Rengar
-Now consumes all Ferocity on cast (Each 1 Ferocity consumed this way increases the Duration of Thrill of the Hunt by 1 second)
-Rengar gains Movement Speed, Vision, and Ferocity Generation while in Thrill of the Hunt and his first basic attack will cause him to leap.
-After a brief delay, Rengar may recast Thrill of the Hunt to stealth for a few seconds at the cost of Thrill of the Hunt's bonus speed
-Cooldown decreased
-Movement Speed% increased
-Duration increased

Source from: Reign of Gaming

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