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lol jungler

Author: MMOsite Writer DJWest

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the current iteration of MMOs, and as such, it gets a lot of new players joining every single day. Discovering the role that you're the best fit for can be hard, and once you find it, learning it can be even harder. The jungler is one of the hardest roles to learn, being that he has to not only successfully farm enough to remain relevant late-game, but feed his carries kills during the early game and avoid allowing the enemy jungler to collect powerful buffs or the enemy team to steal important objectives like the Dragon and Baron. However, a few champions are a little more beginner-friendly, and can help newbies get into the action without too much of a learning curve. Let's take a look at some of the easiest champions to be effective with while still learning the game.

#5. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV doesn't have some of the sustain that the others on this list have, but though his shield is weak, his offense is terrific. His Q reduces the armor of anyone that it touches, meaning that early jungling is even easier, and his E + Q combo allows him to dash across walls, both to shorten jungle walking and to make the directions you can gank from even more impressive. Enemies who flash across walls will also fall to this. Finally, Jarvan's R is one of the best ultimates in the game, especially against carries like Varus who have no method to escape from it, shy of a five-minute cooldown Flash.

lol jungler
Dashing using his flag allows Jarvan to protect towers after an ally has fallen, as well, heavily damaging both minions and the enemy hero.

However, some skill is required to properly build Jarvan, due to the fact that his ultimate is such a diving skill. Fed carries or a team that isn't supportive can easily cause Jarvan to be torn down just seconds after engaging. His E+Q combo also requires a bit of finesse to use to maximum effectiveness. For these reasons, Jarvan IV gets #5 on this list.

#4. Hecarim

Hecarim is a champion that requires a little bit more skill to play well late-game, but in terms of the jungle he is extremely easy to learn and use with great success. His W ability gives him great sustain in the jungle, and can be activated fairly often. His Q gives him fantastic AoE clear, which increases his clear times substantially. And his E not only makes for nearly unavoidable ganks, but also for great move speed between the two halves of the jungle, or even to your opponent's side for counter jungling.

lol jungler
If you only initiate using his E, Hecarim's ult is also an excellent way to secure kills on fleeing champions.

Hec's ult is one of the most powerful tools any jungler has; it is fantastic for both ganking and late game teamfights. It deals significant damage and fears anyone caught in the radius at the end of its charging range, meaning that you can down the entire enemy team to half or below by the time that they recover from the fear and manage to regroup.

#3. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks almost didn't make it onto this list, however, he is a very powerful jungler if you play him right. His life stealing ability gives him great damage and sustain if it is leveled, his fear and silencing abilities give him great ganking potential, and an uninhibited ultimate from Fiddlesticks is one of the most damaging abilities in the game. While he isn't, perhaps, the best champion to jungle with, he's certainly one of the easiest to use effectively as you experiment with your play style.

lol jungler
Even if you only put one point in it early on, Fiddle's Drain skill can keep you at full health the entire time that you're jungling, making ganks much safer.

#2. Nautilus

Nautilus is a heavy late-game tank, with a self-applied shield, and four CC abilities that lead to terrific ganks. His sustain in the jungle isn't great, but neither is it awful, and the more tank-oriented items that you can get him, the longer he'll be able to farm without worry of being in danger from enemy counter-jungling resulting in an easy kill. More importantly, Nautilus has some of the best ganks in the game pre-6. Even his basic abilities and his passive give him the ability to pull an enemy toward himself (and an ally, preferably), lock them in place, and then slow them when they finally manage to get free of that. Late game, his ultimate can knock up an enemy carry and most of their team if it is aimed properly, and he can use his incredible CC abilities to shut down most of an enemy team to allow your own carries to get into proper position and fire away.

lol jungler
Despite being a Tank, Nautilus is capable of clearing the Jungle incredibly quickly using his active abilities.

Nautilus take the #2 spot because he requires a little bit of skill with his Dredge Line, since it's a skillshot, and his ultimate is much more effective with timing than if you simply throw it out whenever it's available.

#1. Nunu

Nunu takes #1 on this list for a variety of reasons. The fact that he has a built-in Smite ability make securing buffs and Dragon/Baron kills not only easy, but also makes it so that you can easily survive since it heals Nunu. Getting buffs from using this ability on normal jungle creeps gives him much needed boosts in the early game, and his Ice Blast is one of the most powerful anti-carry tools in the game, severely crippling the enemy's ability to either fight or run. Finally, Nunu's ult is one of the most powerful in the game, with a high base damage and a massive AP ratio to boot. If you drop into the middle of the enemy team with this one and unleash it at full strength, it will almost without exception decimate their health to at least half, as well as slowing them down while your team takes all the shots they want at them.

lol jungler
lol jungler
Consume and smite together can completely wipe out a buff monster, making counter jungling infinitely safer, as well as making claiming your own buffs near instant.

While Nunu may not be the jungle champion that carries the hardest most games, or even the strongest ganker, almost anyone can pick up Nunu and learn to jungle incredibly effectively using him. For that, he takes the #1 spot.

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