Bug or New Mode? LoL Ten Players Play with the Same Champion

Have you ever imagined a League of Legends game where every champion was Karthus? No matter you believe or not, now it's possible.

One of the overarching rules of MOBA type games like League of Legends is that only one player can pick a specific champion (or if you're playing blind pick, one player from each team). Well, thanks to a "bug" that League of Legends fans have discovered, it's now possible to play games without this restriction. Five Karthuses vs Five Sorakas? How about five Heimerdingers vs another five Heimerdingers? Check out the video to see some of the crazy match-ups people are trying out.

The bug is accessed by editing some files in your League of Legends folder, and while we won't post exactly how to do it here, you can still experience the bug without modifying your game code by joining one of the numerous "5 X vs 5 Y" games that are currently being hosted in the custom game lobby.

Obviously, the mode is horrendously unbalanced, and not intended for public use. Apparently, Riot added a picking mode that allows the selection of duplicate characters a while ago, but it has remained undiscovered for so long. Internally, this mode is called GAME_CFG_BLIND_DUPE, which means that it may become an official game mode in the future, or was an idea that was scrapped and never fully removed.

Screenshots of the mode:

10 Karthuses cast ultimate at the same time

10 Luxes cast ultimate at the same time

Let's see what Riot think about the bugged "five of the same champion" games:

Here is what Brackhar says about it over on reddit:

"Hey All,

I'm glad you guys are having fun with this, but for the moment I'd strongly recommend not playing in these games. This feature was left incomplete and we can not guarantee that certain champion combinations will not crash your game, the game server, or worse. Additionally, as a reminder, injecting code into your game client to access this mode is a violation of our Terms of Service. (http://beta.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse)"

He continued:

"I can't answer your first question unfortunately, since I'm not in Player Support. To be safe though I'd just not do it; we're likely only filtering for people who have hosted the game.

And yeah, this would be a cool mode to get out, it's just not there right now. Hopefully someday I'll be able to get it to you guys. :)"

When asked if you were in danger of being banned for simply joining one of these games, he commented:

"I'm not in Player Support, but I would be surprised if we'd ban someone for happening to join the "wrong" custom game lobby. Creating the lobby requires to you to make changes to your game client though, and so those people are drastically more at risk (and according to this thread we've handed out some bans already)."

As for just enabling it since it seems to be working, he commented:

"It's not quite as simple as that, unfortunately. This isn't a completed feature, and we can't guarantee that it won't either harm people's machines, accounts, or even the game servers themselves."

Source: Reddit, YouTube, The Escapist

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