LoL Jinx Champion Spotlight

The Jinx champion spotlight has been released! Check it out for a crash course on how to shoot faster with Jinx, the Loose Cannon!

"Marvel at the mayhem and start your own crime spree as the Loose Cannon in the Jinx Champion Spotlight.

With a pair of guns known as Pow-Pow and Fishbones, Jinx lights up the battlefield by chaining her abilities to Get Excited! with her passive. Switcheroo! keeps your opponents on-tilt and off-guard, trying to guess which gun you'll unleash next. Shock enemies with Zap! and maintain control of the lane by spreading your Flame Chompers! When it's time to finish the fight, we'll show you how to use a Super Mega Death Rocket most effectively—aw, who're we kidding, you know how to use a Super Mega Death Rocket; it's right there in the name.

Revel as the world burns with Jinx, featuring sample masteries, tactics and more in this Champion Spotlight."

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