League of Legends Pro Builds: Worlds 2013 Part 1 - Ahri

Author: MMOsite Writer DJWest

The professional League of Legends players are something that most players aspire to; even those that don't play Ranked would surely enjoy the prospects of being paid to practice and play their favorite games. While few players will ever aspire to these lofty heights, it doesn't mean that others can't learn from them. The pros get paid for a reason, and if you watch them closely, it's easy to see why. Ahri is a champion with great maneuverability, excellent sustain in her lane, and true damage, one of the most valuable sources of damage. Here's a look at how the pros at Worlds 2013 built her for maximum destruction.

Early Game

Items - 2x Doran's Ring, Boots, & Rush Deathfire Grasp

This was almost a universal build at Worlds, consisting of starting with Doran's Ring and typically two potions. The combination of mana and health regeneration along with Ahri's passive allows her to stay in lane for a very long time, assuming she doesn't get a catastrophic gank early. With any luck, the next time you return to base you will have over 1500 gold and can buy a second Doran's, Boots, and a Codex, or at least an Amplifying Tome. These provide Cooldown Reduction, more sustain, and the ability to more easily dodge skillshots and ganks, combining for a very aggressive, very powerful early game. Once you get your Deathfire Grasp you are already a very powerful force, with burst that few can match, and the ability to amplify damage dealt by your support and perhaps even your top laner or Jungle, if they deal any kind of magic damage.

lol ahri build
The early sustain of Doran's combined with the offensive power of a Codex and Needlessly Large Rod give Ahri enough power here to secure a Fizz kill before he can take advantage of Kennen's lethal ult.

Mid Game

Items - Abyssal Scepter, Deathcap, Void Staff, Sorcerer's Shoes

With few games at the championship going beyond the mid game, this could be considered the optimal build, with the rest of the items contributing to whatever you need in the individual game. Abyssal provides you with great defense against the enemy mid as well as making all of your attacks very effective against anyone who ventures too close to you, and Deathcap and Void Staff combine for massive damage against anyone, including tanks. The typical build order was finishing Deathfire, followed by an Abyssal Scepter and then building that into either a Void Staff or a Deathcap, depending on which was more needed and what the enemies were building. Some of the items here could be used earlier or later, however; for instance, NukeDuck was seen picking up a very early Abyssal, before putting any real gold into his DFG, against a Fizz to prevent any attempts at aggression and snowballing.

lol ahri build
Grabbing an early Deathfire Grasp allows Ahri to make plays like this, where even a Renekton's ultimate isn't enough to get him those extra few inches to the safety of his base in time.

Hec's ult is one of the most powerful tools any jungler has; it is fantastic for both ganking and late game teamfights. It deals significant damage and fears anyone caught in the radius at the end of its charging range, meaning that you can down the entire enemy team to half or below by the time that they recover from the fear and manage to regroup.

Late Game

Items - Subjective. Guardian Angel, Rylai's, Hourglass, Chalice, etc…

This is where the pros aren't as easy to examine, because many of their games don't make it past the early stages and the core parts of their build. Guardian Angel and Hourglass builds provide more sustain and the ability to come back from certain death, while items like Rylai's and Chalice provide a bit less defense in exchange for more offense and utility. Even an Archangel's or a Rod of Ages, if you're in need of even more mana and Ability Power for longer battles. Every item serves a specific purpose, and can be used to cover a weakness in your play style. Find the combination that makes you invincible.

lol ahri build
True Damage combined with increased magic damage from the Deathfire Grasp is a lethal factor that many enemies fail to account for; even under their turret, Ahri can secure kills against squishy champions like Fizz and Zyra without putting herself in much danger.


The most important thing to remember is that no build is perfect. Even among the pros, who have seemingly gotten the game down to an art form in many cases, there is variation in the build; not always in the items that are chosen but in the order they are gotten, certainly. Survivability, damage, and utility must be accounted for. For instance, many players prefer to get a third Doran's Ring in their early game (either because of a great first return to base or a very slow start). This provides you with both additional health and great mana regen, both things that Deathfire Grasp and a Deathcap fail to provide. The third Doran's isn't a bad investment, nor is it a good one - it's up to you to decide whether you need to be prepared for long engages, or heavy burst, and which suits your purposes more.

Don't' forget to take your teammates into account either. Grabbing a Deathfire Grasp for yourself makes your burst dangerous. Grabbing a Deathfire Grasp when the rest of your team includes a Jungle Diana and, say, a Vlad top, makes your teamfights absolutely lethal. Similarly the Abyssal benefits everyone on your team who is attacking someone near you, and so do non-key portions of this build, like a Rylai's slowing any enemies you touch with a spell.

lol ahri build
Your teammates can help you out, as well; any champion like Jarvan who can lock up multiple enemies in position or in a small area can make landing your combo not only easier, but more effective.

Needless to say, not everything can be gleaned from watching others, and experience in a few dozen match ups over a few hundred games are often what it takes to evaluate a game, factoring in the damage your opponents deal, how long the average fight is, and how many team fights you have and think you will have in the near future, not to mention a dozen other factors that can vary based on team composition and play style. In the end, what you buy is up to you, and if you feel something truly affects your skills in a positive way, you should always go for it.

lol ahri build
Here, for instance, three Doran's gives this Ahri just enough health to survive an Orianna's burst long enough for Jarvan to join the battle. She secured the kill.

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