LoL ADC Jinx General Build Guide

Jinx is a highly mobile Marksmen that excels in the mid lane, bot lane or even jungle. This guide will focus her summoner spells pick, runes and masteries builds, explanation on her skills and more.

Summoner Spells


Barrier is really useful on Jinx. You can use it to soak up damage when you dive into a fight or bait enemies into diving you. The duration of this spell is pretty short so you need to make sure that you use it when they enemy is outputting the most amount of damage.


Flash is currently absolutely necessary on every ADC in order to make plays, manage situations and escape. If the enemy has flash and you don't, expect to be outplayed. Remember that Flash has a cooldown of 300 seconds (5minutes), if the enemy AD uses this cooldown then you should be more aggressive and try to capitalize.




Details on Skills

Passive: Get Excited!

Jinx's passive is really effective in certain situations. During the lane phase, if Jinx picks up one kill, she is almost guaranteed the pick up the second as when you combine this passive with the slow on her Zap! it makes it almost impossible to escape her.

Q: Switcheroo!

This ability is what makes Jinx so effective at trading in lane and what gives her a real presence in team fights. I max this second because Jinx needs the extra range in team fights to survive but it also increases the attack speed gained which is Jinx's only steroid.

When laning you want to use the Rocket Launcher when you trade as you will out range the enemy carry and not take any damage in return. You can also combine this with Zap! afterwards to damage and slow the enemy meaning it is impossible for them to reach you. If the enemy does engage onto you, or you close in for the kill, then you want to switch to the Minigun as it grants you attack speed.

In team fights your maximum damage will be attained through using the Minigun but this will also put you in close proximity to whoever you are attacking. A good way of staying safe will be to use the Rocket Launcher until the enemy uses their ultimates or main crowd controls on others and then you will be safe to go into range with your Minigun. Remember that if someone dives onto you switch to the Minigun immediately to increase the lifesteal gained from Bloodthirster and increase your chances of surviving.

W: Zap!

Jinx's main source of damage and kill potential in lane. The best method to trade with Zap! is going to be to use your Rocket Launcher, attack the enemy carry and when they move towards you it provides you a window to Zap! them. This is the main reason why AD is so good on Jinx as it has a 1.4* ratio meaning that for every 100 AD you have, Zap! will do 140 more damage. It travels extremely quickly so it's difficult to dodge meaning that it is really up to you to hit the ability and not down to them to dodge it. I mentioned that this is her main source of kill potential in lane and that's because if you miss this ability then you are very unlikely to pick up a kill. Not only does it deal a huge amount of damage but it also slows the enemy which allows you to switch to Minigun and place your Flaming Chompers! in front of them. This ability combined with Jinx's Rocket Launcher is the reason she is so mana hungry so be sure to pick your trades and not constantly throw Zap! at them.

E: Flaming Chompers!

This is your main utility ability and somewhat makes up for Jinx's lack of an escape. It works in a very similar way to Zigg's minefield and can be used in the same way as a zoning tool. This can be thrown at the direction of the jungler when they appear to gank meaning they have to walk around or at the enemy laners if they are going aggressive onto you. One tip is that if you are engaged on then place this directly on top of you or slightly ahead of you. It will mean that when the enemy jumps onto you they are immediately rooted and cannot follow up on their engagement.

R: Super Mega Death Rocket!

Really high damage ultimate, great scaling, execute and global. This is what makes Jinx so much fun to play and so deadly during the lane phase and team fights. During the lane phase, Jinx has a very poke heavy style of play with her Rocket Launcher and Zap! however once the target is around half health you can all-in with your ultimate and pick up kills easily. It will take some getting used to before you can hit every Rocket but it can be the difference between winning and losing a trade so is extremely important. One tip is to make sure you use the ultimate AFTER they have used their escapes or flashes. The Rocket travels relatively slow to start with and is not that difficult to dodge so you have a much higher chance of hitting the enemy if they have no way to jump out of the way. This is also extremely effective when you are dueling tanks during team fights as the execute deals damage based on their missing health. In general, tanks have a lot of health and so that means that your ult will actually still do a lot of damage to them. The final thing to note is that the ultimate still does 80% damage to targets around the area of impact which means that, whenever possible, it is better to use this half way through a fight on a group of enemies.


Tips and Tricks

  • Jinx's Ultimate is an execute meaning that it should be LAST in her rotation to deliver maximum damage.
  • Jinx can out range almost every other AD Carry with her Rocket Laucnher. Wait for the enemy to come to cs, as they are attacking that minion, activate your Rocket Launcher and attack them. Because of the huge range advantage they won't trade back any damage.
  • When you are engaged on place your Flame Chompers! directly underneath you or slightly ahead to make sure diving enemies are rooted instantly.
  • Jinx's passive grants movement speed from destroying towers and so even if enemies are approaching she can get the turret and escape.
  • Jinx's Zap! has a very large range and so is a good way to check if an enemy is sitting in a brush.



  • Very High Damage
  • Excellent Wave clear
  • Global execute Ultimate
  • High damage poke with her 'Zap' ability
  • Can destroy towers quickly


  • Not very mobile
  • No form of escape, unless you get a kill/tower
  • Low range in minigun mode
  • Somewhat mana depedant

Reference: LoL King

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