LoL New Champion Jinx Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

lol jinx review
Jinx last hitting minions with the minigun.

Jinx, the Loose Cannon is the newest champion to be released in League of Legends. Jinx is a ranged marksman that utilizes a varied arsenal of weaponry including a rocket launcher, a minigun, and bombs. She is a fast and complex champion that is very hard to kill but also requires you know what you are doing to play effectively. Like most newly released champs, some players have already started calling her OP. In the hands of a skilled player, that might actually not be too far off though. She is definitely one of the stronger AD carries.


Jinx has a really bubbly and energetic personality which is supposedly exemplified by the fact all of her abilities have an exclamation mark in their name. Her passive is called "Get Excited!" and is pretty decent. Whenever an enemy champion or tower that she dealt damage to in the last three seconds dies, she gets a massive movement speed burst. This is useful for taking down a tower and then pulling away or for hunting down that last escaping champion trying to slink away after your team wins a team fight.

lol jinx review
Jinx firing her rocket launcher.

Her 'Q' is "Switcheroo!" This is a passive ability that allows Jinx to switch between a rocket launcher and minigun at will. When it is toggled off, Jinx will use her minigun for basic attacks and gain a stacking attack speed bonus for each basic attack (up to a whopping +130% total at max level). When this ability is toggled on, Jinx whips out her rocket launcher and really gets down to business. The rocket launcher gives a pretty hefty attack range bonus which helps keep her behind teammates and out of harm's way thus making her hard to kill. It also adds splash damage to he basic attacks (rockets explode after all) and grants an attack damage bonus scaled on her total AD. Most players will take a point in "Switcheroo!" first before anything else.

Jinx's 'W' is called "Zap!" This ability is what will give your opponents nightmares. "Zap!" is a skillshot where Jinx fires a shock blast at an enemy. If you thought Blitz's grab or Amumu's bandage toss were annoying, you really aren't going to like "Zap!" "Zap!" has a range greater than both of those abilities, extending out to 1,500 which makes it pretty much impossible to stay away from (Rocket Grab has a range of 925 and Bandage Toss a range of 1,100). The one downside to it is that there is a slight delay before it fires and enemies can see the red targeting beam before it actually fires, giving more astute opponents an opportunity to dodge out of the way.

lol jinx review
Jinx preparing to cast Zap! on Teemo. He sees the targeting beam and tries to run.

When the shock blast does hit an opponent, it deals a good amount of physical damage, grants true sight on them, and slows them considerably for two seconds. At maximum level, "Zap!" will slow an enemy by 70% which gives it a lot of utility. It can be used to kite melee champions rushing at you, slow fleeing enemies so you can catch and murder them, or help Jinx herself escape. Slow a pursuing enemy with the shock blast before making your exit. Depending on your play style, you may want to level up this ability to max as soon as possible because it plays such a key element in Jinx's kit.

Jinx has another ability that can help her escape danger called Flame Chompers! She tosses out three "chompers" which are like small bombs that will root an enemy champion who happens to walk into them for 1.5 seconds. They also explode and deal magic damage as well. The chompers only last on the battlefield for five seconds after you throw them so you can't really use them as traps like Teemo's mushrooms. Timing is everything here. If you throw them too soon, your opponent will just walk around them. Throw them too late and they will be equally useless. "Flame Chompers!" is another ability that can be used in a situation by situation basis either to escape danger or to prevent an opponent from getting away. The chompers also grant vision so use them to check bushes you are suspicious of.

lol jinx review
A line of Flame Chompers! help Jinx escape Udyr.

Jinx's has a global ultimate called "Super Mega Death Rocket!" She fires a rocket that can travel across the entire map dealing physical damage plus an amount of damage equal to a percent of their missing health (up to 35% of missing health as added damage). As it is a rocket, and rockets blow up, it also has splash damage. The rocket will only blow up if it hits an enemy champion so you don't have to worry about hitting minions with it. Jinx's ult is especially useful on Dominion where she can fire it across the map at a group of enemies capturing a control point in order to interrupt them. Plus if they are already hurt, the rocket will likely blow them to smithereens for some free kills.


Jinx is pretty much a standard AD carry when it comes to item builds. Start off with a Doran’s Blade then grab boots of speed and build up to a B.F. Sword. Eventually you will want items such as Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Last Whisper. If you want to go more heavily into attack speed then Statikk Shiv, Blade of the Ruined King, and Runaan's Hurricane are some other options to consider.

Playing Her

As you can probably tell from her abilities, Jinx is supposed to be hard to kill. Counting her passive, she has two abilities that increase her movement speed and another two abilities that can be used as escapes because they slow or snare enemies. Jinx can deal lots of damage to melee champions before they ever get a chance to do anything back to her. Against other ranged champs, she can fight on her terms. If you don't like what you see, use "Zap!" or "Flame Chompers!" to back out of the fight. Jinx is pretty much the ultimate kite champion – even more so than Ashe.

Play aggressively. Jinx can wear down turret-hugging enemies by repeatedly casting "Zap!' and attacking with her rocket launcher while staying out of range of the turret. Even if you can't finish an opponent, just forcing them out of the lane to go back and heal will give you a gold and experience advantage over your opponents and allow you to weaken their turret, if not destroy it.

Jinx is weak against other champions with high mobility such as Ezreal, Corki, and Lucian. These champions take away her natural speed advantage and can be very hard matchups that become a test of speed and individual skill.

Having a good lanemate can make a world of difference in such matchups, however. Jinx lanes well with a support such as Nami or Sona. Not only can both of these supports keep her health healed up, they can also further increase Jinx's movement speed. Thresh and Blitzcrank are also good lanemates since they can pull enemies to you and then you wreck them with the minigun.

lol jinx review
Jinx firing her ult at enemies attacking her team’s tower across the map.

lol jinx review
The resulting explosion kills Udyr.

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