Four Underrated Champions in League of Legends

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

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Most League of Legends players already know that some champions are more powerful and widely used than others when it comes to champion selection. Let's just say there is a reason champs like Kassadin, Fizz, and Zed were the top three most banned champions on Summoner's Rift in the last month. There are some champions, however, who are very underrated and are hardly ever used. Here are four underrated, but powerful, champions to consider trying out:


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Voli's Majestic Roar ability can fear groups of minions.

Volibear is mainly a tank but can also do some good damage and rack up kills for himself. Every ability in his kit is useful. His Q is a dash that lets him close the gap or helps him escape in times of trouble. When he reaches an opponent, he flips them over his back. This is one of the main ways Volibear can get dozens of assists, by flipping opponents deep into his team's territory and letting his allies tear them up.

Volibear gets his kills with his W, Frenzy. He has to charge it up by using three basic attacks, but once it is ready to go, he can bite an enemy for damage that actually scales based on his own hit points. This is very useful because it allows Voli to focus on building HP items, thus making him even harder to kill while simultaneously enabling him to kill others easier. Can't ask for a better deal than that! The damage also scales based on the amount of missing health the target has further making this a good ability to finish people off with by biting their neck. Chomp that jugular!

Majestic Roar is his E which can be used to scatter large minion waves or slow nearby enemies. It is best used in conjunction with his Q. Just when an enemy thinks you aren't going to catch them, your roar slows them enough so you do.

Voli's ultimate adds a lightning effect to his basic attacks that will jump to nearby enemies and add magic damage to each attack. If you are going to build any offensive items, you should build AP instead of AD since his ultimate can turn the tables in a battle. Even if you don't have any AP whatsoever, Thunder Claws can still do a surprising amount of damage to enemies who have been building items to reduce the damage of your lanemate, who is most likely AD-based. Popping an AP ult will ravage them.

One of Volibear's best abilities is his passive. Once he falls below 30% of his maximum health, his passive will activate and heal him for 30% of his max health over the course of six seconds. This passive has been known to bring many players back from the brink of death so don't be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty.

Miss Fortune

lol jinx review
Miss Fortune performs her ultimate ability, Bullet Time

Miss Fortune is actually a very good Marksman albeit one that is underutilized compared to many others such as Corki or Graves. She has excellent battlefield mobility thanks to her passive, can slow enemies in an area of effect with her E, deals significant damage to two enemies with Double Up, and can also boost her own basic attack speed by up to 50% with Impure Shots.

Miss Fortune also has a strong ultimate ability in Bullet Time. Although it leaves her vulnerable for two seconds while she channels, Miss Fortune sprays the battlefield in a hail of gunfire that can deal up to 1,000 base damage if you hit someone with the entire thing plus an additional 280% bonus AD damage and 160% bonus AP damage. Bullet Time has a fairly long range and extends out in a cone shape that can easily engulf two or three enemies (or more if they are bunched up in a team fight). Bullet Time can absolutely wreck teams once Miss Fortune is fed. Combining her ult with a Black Cleaver, for example, will shred through even the most armored up opponents.

One thing to keep in mind when playing Miss Fortune is not to harass your enemies in lane with Make it Rain. This ability has a good range so you might be tempted to do this but ultimately you are just wasting mana. After a few Make It Rains, you'll find your mana meter has been pretty much depleted leaving you unable to cast more important abilities (i.e. Double Up or Bullet Time) when you truly need to.


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Cho'Gath prevents an enemy Twitch from escaping by knocking him into the air with spikes.

Cho'Gath is one of the oldest champions in the game having been released way back in 2009. He is described as a tank but is much more valuable when built as an AP-based mage. Building up lots of AP and magic penetration items such as Sorcerer's Shoes, Liandry's Torment, and Void Staff will help Cho melt enemies quickly. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is another very good item for him since it will also slow enemies hit by his basic attacks thanks to his E adding spell damage to them.

Mages are generally pretty squishy champions but Cho'Gath is much more tanky due to his passive and his ultimate. His passive is whenever he kills a unit, including minions, he gains a bit of health and mana. His ultimate is beastly and deals up to 650 +70% AP true damage to one enemy. If the enemy is killed by the ultimate, Cho'Gath devours him and gains up to 150 health permanently (stacked up to six times which equates to 900 free health). He loses half the stacks when he dies but that can be avoided by not dying! Feast also works on minions and has a very low cooldown so don't be afraid to use it on them just for the health bonuses. Feast is comparable to Darius's ultimate that everybody complained about with the biggest difference being it doesn't refresh the cooldown on a champion kill.

What makes Cho a strong champion is his ability to combo attacks. His Q, Rupture, is perhaps the most important ability he has because he can knock enemies into the air from a distance over an area of effect. Rupture also deals a good amount of damage and will slow enemies after they land. A good strategy is to open a battle with Q, then close the distance while your enemies are slowed and hit them with your Feral Scream which will silence them and deal some excellent magic damage. Then finish them off with Feast before they can react! This is a good three-hit combo that will own even full health Marksman champions.


lol jinx review
Namis' Tidal Wave will ensure no escape for Shaco.

Everybody seems to love Sona and Soraka as support champions so Nami often gets overlooked but she can actually be quite awesome. Her kit is complete with everything needed to help a lanemate or even to get kills herself if the situation calls for it. Her Q is a stun that can hit multiple opponents. Her W is a healing ability called Ebb and Flow that can be used on allies, herself, or enemies to deal magic damage. Ebb and Flow also bounces up to twice meaning she can damage/heal three people at once! That's pretty good. Her E is a little disappointing but still useful. She can buff herself or an ally to add some on-hit magic damage and a slowing effect to each basic attack. The buff will last for six seconds or three basic attacks, whichever comes first.

Keep in mind that anytime Nami casts a spell on a teammate, her passive kicks in and increases their movement speed by 40% for a little over one second so although her E may not be great in of itself, it can be used on an ally to help them run away or chase down a fleeing opponent with the added speed boost.

Despite the game taking place on dry land, Nami is a mermaid so her ultimate will of course be water based. Called Tidal Wave, Nami summons a massive wave of water that will travel out towards her opponents. The wave has a range of 2,750 meaning this thing can really be hard to avoid! It may not do a whole lot of damage but will briefly knock enemies into the air and then slow them by up to 70% based on what level the ability is. The duration of the slow increases with the distance the wave has traveled. Tidal Wave is best used in team fights to disorient the other team or to slow down enemies chasing teammates (or yourself) in order to help them get away.

Like many supports, Nami will pretty much always be busy casting something so it is a good idea to build a Chalice of Harmony in order to keep your mana up. Chalice also builds into Athene's Unholy Grail which is a great item for her. Some other items to build as Nami that will help teammates include Shurelya's Reverie, Mikael's Crucible, and Locket of the Iron Solari. It is also up to the support to ward bushes on Summoner's Rift so a Sightstone might also be a good idea.

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