LoL Surpasses DotA 2 to be the Most Played PC Game

Do you guys still remember the statistics in August that Dota 2 had more total players and total playtime than League of Legends. However, according to the data tracked by Raptr, LoL surpassed DotA 2 again in September.


Although neither title was the most-played during September, League of Legends did surpass Dota 2 and regained its position above DotA 2. From the table above, we can see that LoL is on number 2 with 5.41% of total time spent on all games, including both pc games and video games. DotA 2 shares only 4.87%.

I think LoL's S3 world championship makes a big contribution to the boost. Raptr member playtime at the weekend of the semi-final was up 11% over the previous weekend. Meanwhile, DOTA 2's monthly playtime fell almost 28% from its August high.


On the MMO front, Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, which just launched at the very end of August, was huge in September. It is the first time that FFXIV tops WoW. By the end of the month, though, weekly playtime had fallen below World of Warcraft, so unless it rebounds WoW will likely be back on top in October. Let's wait and see, as there is no data from Raptr yet, though it is November now.

Rift, MicroVolts, and Dragon's Prophet offered Raptr Rewards in September, which generally leads to a playtime boost among the Raptr community. Other hot MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic are also on the list.

However, as I said before, don't treat this as law, as Raptr's data is only representative of its totaling 18 million players, does not include everyone. Perhaps more importantly, Raptr is a service that caters primarily to North America, meaning it fails to properly account for the massive gaming audience in Asia and its preferences.

Reference: Raptr

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