Five Junglers to Try out During League of Legends Preseason

lol preseason junglers

Author: MMOsite Writer DJWest

League of Legends' preseason is a bit of a difficult time for everyone, as all players prepare for the inevitable elo reset and more importantly have to learn the use of all the new items and balancing changes that take place between seasons. New champions become part of the meta and entire play styles - almost always including the jungle - change completely. This season is no different, and with the massive changes to the jungle, here are five champions you should definitely test out before Season Four arrives.

#5. Fiora

Poor little Fiora doesn't see a lot of play time in any role these days (her popularity is sitting at just over 5% even now), but she may see a small revitalization as the new Jungle comes about. Fiora's kit gives her enough attack speed and raw damage to cut down Jungle camps with relative ease, and while she doesn't have the slowing or stunning power that a Jungler normally relies upon, the new Jungle might just give her a shot at becoming a real bruiser threat late game.

lol preseason junglers
Fiora's ability to lose tower aggro with her ult - even for a few seconds - is one of the best ways to dive an opponent and come out with little or no damage.

If you focus largely on farming and only take ganks when you're strong enough to ensure that most of them are a success, Fiora can become a very powerful champion that is not only hard to pin down, but hard to finish off without a concerted effort. The extra gold that she can secure with a new camp and the increased experience available in the Jungle mean that, while you might not be feeding your laners as much, you might just find that Fiora's increased offensive power and ability to leap around team fights without difficulty are an excellent trade-off.

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