Five League of Legends Champions People Say are OP

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

With 116 total champions currently available on the League of Legends roster to choose from, it should come as no surprise that the game is incredibly difficult for Riot to completely balance. Some champions are just always going to be better than others. As you might expect, this perception has led to some players calling certain champions overpowered. Here is a list of five champions players routinely call OP. Keep in mind that just because a champion is on this list doesn’t necessarily mean they are OP, just that people call them so.


Exhaust won’t stop a beast of Fizz’s stature.

Fizz is a really annoying champion to play against because of his burst damage and his uncanny ability to slip away right when you think he is about to die. The main problem here is his Playful / Trickster ability. Activating this ability allows Fizz to jump into the air momentarily becoming untargetable. This effect alone makes Fizz extremely difficult to combat one on one. This is especially true if you are playing a basic attack heavy champion because when Fizz becomes untargetable you will start attacking nearby minions instead (or worse you could accidentally click the ground he was standing on and walk toward him by mistake). Once Fizz lands he will be able to burst you down before you are even able to click on him again! If you’re a squishy champ even being at full health won’t save you. Just how fast can Fizz kill someone? How about 0.00 seconds?


Jax chases down a low health eve.

Jax is another annoying champ because of his ability completely dodges basic attacks with his “Counter Strike” ability. Jax totally counters champs like Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Darius, and pretty much every Marksman in the game. How exactly is a Marksman supposed to combat a Jax when their basic attacks do nothing to him half the time? To make matters worse, once Counter Strike ends, it stuns all nearby enemies. So you can’t even get away from him once he is on top of you.

Like Fizz, Jax also has a jumping ability which can be used to close the gap and make sure he is on top of you when Counter Strike goes off. In a pinch, Jax can also use his jump to leap away toward a friendly minion or champion in order to escape death.

While most champion have specific other champs that counter them, Jax really doesn’t. The closest thing to a Jax counter is probably Singed.



Kassadin Rift Walking through a wall.

There’s a reason that Kassadin is the most frequently banned champion in draft. Kassadin has very high mobility thanks to his Rift Walk ultimate. Kassadin is good at bursting enemies into smithereens and then simply blinking away with a Rift Walk. Rift Walk itself can even end up doing some pretty decent damage because its damaging effect stacks with each successive cast within a certain time frame. Aside from his ability to simply teleport around the battlefield at will, Kassadin is also frustrating because he silences you. He can Rift Walk in, silence you, Force Pulse you, and then Rift Walk away before you even have the chance to do anything. No wonder people ban him!

He can be pretty weak early on so take advantage of that and try to make sure he doesn’t get fed.

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